keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2011

The Wall Street Protest

People are demonstrating at the Wall Street, and the media remains almost completely silent. This is a strong display of how things are done in this world right now, today. The rich rule becouse they own the fucking media, they have it on their leash, so it does not matter how much you protest. You will go unheard. This is capitalism in practise. One-sided, narrow view, that is not altered, becouse the media is a whore who'll get in bed with anyone who has enough cash. And if the poor people are demonstrating, then obviously they are not the ones with the green.

The ones in charge (and I'm not talking about the government, becouse "we live in the world of capitalism", as a german hotel keeper once told me in gnarly, whiskey burnt tone in his voice. He was a great guy, always hanging in the lounge and smoking, which seemed extremely rebellious and COOL, becouse here in Finland smoking is strictly prohibited in public places such as hotels.) are not willing to hear the weak voices of national consciousness, they are too busy selling their kids and kidneys and grandma's jewellery and whatever to keep their own social status above the "rest of us". And we all know, that anyone, if given any money, will instantly join that group and spit on his former allies. There's no such thing as solidarity. It has gone down the drain with humanism and caring. You can give bum money and watch him beat his friend's ass off. We can clone endangered, or soon probably even extinct species, just to get to blast their bodies full of holes.

Well, I believe there's still some idealistic people, that would not turn into complete monsters, and would care and love their neighbourghs even if they were given some money to make the helping easier. But what do we do to these people? We label them "commies" or naive and childish hippies, with no idea of what the real world's like. Cynicism is the last thing we need right now. We claim to use words and sarcasm as our weapons, but we lack the skill to aim and pull the trigger. We use them to weaken each other, instead of thinking about the big picture, how we should be socially more secure and conscious about our cause and our actions. We need to rise up where there's oppression, make an mental revolution in our own heads, non-violent change of heart. We need to fix our attitude, become aware of our own situation, and rise against vain authority the capitalism holds over us. I'm not saying bash as many police cars as you possibly can. I'm telling you to become more human being, think about your actions, and act the way you think. If you just happen to be a greedy capitalist motherfucker in suit by nature, you should try something refreshing and new, like setting yourself on fire. Thank you.

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  1. Good post, bro.

    ~Not the real Robert Catesby

  2. Thanks, help me spread it. As you can see, this blog does not reach too many people yet..