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Nation on drugs.

I'm currently watching a Louis Theroux documentary on America's Medicated Kids on youtube.(Fuck how I love youtube by the way, but it has already been overtly limited by the Entertainment industry) I'm lucky to live in a country bound by guilt and shame, becouse it propably saved my early years from medication. At the age of six I had some suicidal thoughts, and I spoke to some adults about them. It helped. I was lucky, to live in a country, where no one wants to be labeled as a bad parent whose kids need medication, so it was kept a secret and I learned not to speak, but instead express my emotions through other kind of activities. Unfortunately this included bullying other kids (mostly bigger than me, becouse I was one of the smallest boys in my class), but eventually I found some more creative and less harmful ways of self-expression.

I hate to see documentaries of Americans on drugs. It is disturbing to see a "happy" mother laugh about all the family members being on medication, every single one chewing on pills that make you smile. And even the psychiatrists, who should be able to TELL THE DIFFERENCE of natural characteristics of childhood from the actual mental disease start diagnosing KIDS by narrowing down the illnesses by feeding them drugs and seeing which one of them works, and then saying "Oh yeah, he's bi-polar, let's see if he still has Attention Deficit Disorder". But still I rather see the documentary and get angry and write a rant, than let it pass by without raising my voice and being against it. Becouse every time you keep your mouth shut, you justify what you do not oppose. And kids on medication that heavy is far from being ok.

Children need to find ways of expressing themselves. They need to be able to talk if they wanted, but they also need to have another tools at hand. Crayons and paper, something to launch their creative process. This is where sports does not work. It helps you get rid of extra energy, but sports is merely focused on learning rules and structure, not a creative process. We get to compete everywhere after we leave school, every modern society is based on individuals competing who's going to be the next successful CEO or new innovator in the business world. Your kids have time for competition as soon as this hasty society kicks 'em out of the elementary school, so let the kids be kids and play. They need to play imaginary games to delevop their creative side, social skills and to develop a fuller picture of how human mind works. When I was young, we played until ninth grade, when we suddenly thought we had became adults, most of us smoking and drinking, no one remembering that not even a year ago they we're playing wizards in the woods, running around waving wooden sticks and shouting nonsense at eachother.

Of course I do not have kids of my own, so I can't tell if the paranoia and schizophrenia are some factory-installed default settings that'll explode when we hit parenthood. But I have been a child with a troubled youth, and I did survive. I've seen all my cousins grow up healthy and clever, and I can't thank my late grandmother enough for giving us all the keys to understand this world more thoroughly. I did not grow up being afraid. Well, yeah I did, but not afraid of the world outside. I did not need drugs. Actually I remember several occasions where I turned down the idea of having me a prescription. Independently, I knew that what was going on, no matter how tough, was just the side effects of this one true illness I was suffering: LIFE.

Repressing emotions does not work by a long shot. It does not work in any way. Repressed kids grow up to be suppressed adults. Human are psychosocial and also physical beings. We need the presence of other human beings, and our own parenting. We watched a documentary at school, where there was a father of two explaining a tracking device system, and bragging about how ten years ago kids needed to call their parents when they got to school, and now the TechnoDad sees when his kids are at school. Wouldn't a phone call create a completely different sense of safety and caring? In my opinion, it fucking would. It would make a huge difference to the child, to know that his or her parents care, to hear their voice on the phone and to know that they really ARE there. If anything, a tracking device makes children anguished, becouse why'd you need such an serious tool, if you weren't in some great danger. This kind of upbringing will drive your society to the state of fear and distrust towards anyone outside your own house. It just won't work.

Of course there's a small per centage of actual mental disease two, that are best kept at bay through medication, but these are diagnosed way too easily. It seems whole world's either on Prozac or paranoid, and there's nothing in between. Either you are afraid of everything, or you don't just care about anything at all. Have the next five minutes for your self, make a list of six thing you do not hate, or fear (old folks might say "things you LOVE", perhaps.) and think about those things in not any particular order.

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