tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011


Christianity. Reasoned insanity to the extent of infinity. No matter what the sinners need 'cos that's not what the churches preach. We're all sinners, you and me, and that's exactly what they want to see, while they stick their cocks into child in me. Rape my imagination. Fill my mind with shit, this is your conjuration, hate and salvation entwined. Now come up with another line, cos "'this my body, this my wine" is quite worn out and so untrue. Or is it what you mean to say, that cannibalism is ok? That we can consume human meat and we'd still be better than the muslim fleet that leaves even pork fairly untouched, and don't murder and rape and such... while we watch TV and wrestle in mud. Your religion's just an relic of Roman tradition, the transition between the idol cult and new form of social construct and our common code of conduct. Like a broken car along the road, it got you this far but it's good to go. And there's some thing you should think through. Like the fact your saviour was a jew. Even he did not have faith in you. He was born and buried as jew. And they sail through life with half a book, which is like navigating through the Asia with a map that ends in Malesia.

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