keskiviikko 28. syyskuuta 2011

The Wall Street Protest

People are demonstrating at the Wall Street, and the media remains almost completely silent. This is a strong display of how things are done in this world right now, today. The rich rule becouse they own the fucking media, they have it on their leash, so it does not matter how much you protest. You will go unheard. This is capitalism in practise. One-sided, narrow view, that is not altered, becouse the media is a whore who'll get in bed with anyone who has enough cash. And if the poor people are demonstrating, then obviously they are not the ones with the green.

The ones in charge (and I'm not talking about the government, becouse "we live in the world of capitalism", as a german hotel keeper once told me in gnarly, whiskey burnt tone in his voice. He was a great guy, always hanging in the lounge and smoking, which seemed extremely rebellious and COOL, becouse here in Finland smoking is strictly prohibited in public places such as hotels.) are not willing to hear the weak voices of national consciousness, they are too busy selling their kids and kidneys and grandma's jewellery and whatever to keep their own social status above the "rest of us". And we all know, that anyone, if given any money, will instantly join that group and spit on his former allies. There's no such thing as solidarity. It has gone down the drain with humanism and caring. You can give bum money and watch him beat his friend's ass off. We can clone endangered, or soon probably even extinct species, just to get to blast their bodies full of holes.

Well, I believe there's still some idealistic people, that would not turn into complete monsters, and would care and love their neighbourghs even if they were given some money to make the helping easier. But what do we do to these people? We label them "commies" or naive and childish hippies, with no idea of what the real world's like. Cynicism is the last thing we need right now. We claim to use words and sarcasm as our weapons, but we lack the skill to aim and pull the trigger. We use them to weaken each other, instead of thinking about the big picture, how we should be socially more secure and conscious about our cause and our actions. We need to rise up where there's oppression, make an mental revolution in our own heads, non-violent change of heart. We need to fix our attitude, become aware of our own situation, and rise against vain authority the capitalism holds over us. I'm not saying bash as many police cars as you possibly can. I'm telling you to become more human being, think about your actions, and act the way you think. If you just happen to be a greedy capitalist motherfucker in suit by nature, you should try something refreshing and new, like setting yourself on fire. Thank you.

perjantai 23. syyskuuta 2011

White Noise.

Talk is cheap and your knees too weak
to walk the walk after talking the talk
and it's all white chalks in the right hand side..
But having the tools by themselves
in shelves does not really educate you.
A stubborn mule that you are.
Hate by itself does not take you very far
it's a consuming essence of the presence
You've chosen to preserve in order to get what you deserve.
You've chosen hate to protect you
But all it does is project your immature attitude
towards difference and all that's new.
So you'd better make a change.
Read a book, for fuck's sake. Go some place new
do something good, read the news, don't beat the goose
when the swan is loose.
Have a truce with your insides
don't wander off to minefield blindly
only counting on your insight
if there's maps of the site where's all the bomb already marked.
Your talk's white noise, white pride, good night.
Frustrating stupidity and willing faith on self-approved supremacy.
SO you really think that's your legacy?
To preserve some inheritage in lineage of genetically pure and superior?
Doesn't it bother you to know, that somewhere along the road
there has been a phase when we almost died as human race,
and with only few hundred saved, we were revived and found our place?
And their genes are up to date the only ones that variate in every single one of us, we're all related to each one.
It's called the bottleneck phenomenon, and it waters out the very floor that all your belief are based on.

tiistai 20. syyskuuta 2011


Christianity. Reasoned insanity to the extent of infinity. No matter what the sinners need 'cos that's not what the churches preach. We're all sinners, you and me, and that's exactly what they want to see, while they stick their cocks into child in me. Rape my imagination. Fill my mind with shit, this is your conjuration, hate and salvation entwined. Now come up with another line, cos "'this my body, this my wine" is quite worn out and so untrue. Or is it what you mean to say, that cannibalism is ok? That we can consume human meat and we'd still be better than the muslim fleet that leaves even pork fairly untouched, and don't murder and rape and such... while we watch TV and wrestle in mud. Your religion's just an relic of Roman tradition, the transition between the idol cult and new form of social construct and our common code of conduct. Like a broken car along the road, it got you this far but it's good to go. And there's some thing you should think through. Like the fact your saviour was a jew. Even he did not have faith in you. He was born and buried as jew. And they sail through life with half a book, which is like navigating through the Asia with a map that ends in Malesia.

Nation on drugs.

I'm currently watching a Louis Theroux documentary on America's Medicated Kids on youtube.(Fuck how I love youtube by the way, but it has already been overtly limited by the Entertainment industry) I'm lucky to live in a country bound by guilt and shame, becouse it propably saved my early years from medication. At the age of six I had some suicidal thoughts, and I spoke to some adults about them. It helped. I was lucky, to live in a country, where no one wants to be labeled as a bad parent whose kids need medication, so it was kept a secret and I learned not to speak, but instead express my emotions through other kind of activities. Unfortunately this included bullying other kids (mostly bigger than me, becouse I was one of the smallest boys in my class), but eventually I found some more creative and less harmful ways of self-expression.

I hate to see documentaries of Americans on drugs. It is disturbing to see a "happy" mother laugh about all the family members being on medication, every single one chewing on pills that make you smile. And even the psychiatrists, who should be able to TELL THE DIFFERENCE of natural characteristics of childhood from the actual mental disease start diagnosing KIDS by narrowing down the illnesses by feeding them drugs and seeing which one of them works, and then saying "Oh yeah, he's bi-polar, let's see if he still has Attention Deficit Disorder". But still I rather see the documentary and get angry and write a rant, than let it pass by without raising my voice and being against it. Becouse every time you keep your mouth shut, you justify what you do not oppose. And kids on medication that heavy is far from being ok.

Children need to find ways of expressing themselves. They need to be able to talk if they wanted, but they also need to have another tools at hand. Crayons and paper, something to launch their creative process. This is where sports does not work. It helps you get rid of extra energy, but sports is merely focused on learning rules and structure, not a creative process. We get to compete everywhere after we leave school, every modern society is based on individuals competing who's going to be the next successful CEO or new innovator in the business world. Your kids have time for competition as soon as this hasty society kicks 'em out of the elementary school, so let the kids be kids and play. They need to play imaginary games to delevop their creative side, social skills and to develop a fuller picture of how human mind works. When I was young, we played until ninth grade, when we suddenly thought we had became adults, most of us smoking and drinking, no one remembering that not even a year ago they we're playing wizards in the woods, running around waving wooden sticks and shouting nonsense at eachother.

Of course I do not have kids of my own, so I can't tell if the paranoia and schizophrenia are some factory-installed default settings that'll explode when we hit parenthood. But I have been a child with a troubled youth, and I did survive. I've seen all my cousins grow up healthy and clever, and I can't thank my late grandmother enough for giving us all the keys to understand this world more thoroughly. I did not grow up being afraid. Well, yeah I did, but not afraid of the world outside. I did not need drugs. Actually I remember several occasions where I turned down the idea of having me a prescription. Independently, I knew that what was going on, no matter how tough, was just the side effects of this one true illness I was suffering: LIFE.

Repressing emotions does not work by a long shot. It does not work in any way. Repressed kids grow up to be suppressed adults. Human are psychosocial and also physical beings. We need the presence of other human beings, and our own parenting. We watched a documentary at school, where there was a father of two explaining a tracking device system, and bragging about how ten years ago kids needed to call their parents when they got to school, and now the TechnoDad sees when his kids are at school. Wouldn't a phone call create a completely different sense of safety and caring? In my opinion, it fucking would. It would make a huge difference to the child, to know that his or her parents care, to hear their voice on the phone and to know that they really ARE there. If anything, a tracking device makes children anguished, becouse why'd you need such an serious tool, if you weren't in some great danger. This kind of upbringing will drive your society to the state of fear and distrust towards anyone outside your own house. It just won't work.

Of course there's a small per centage of actual mental disease two, that are best kept at bay through medication, but these are diagnosed way too easily. It seems whole world's either on Prozac or paranoid, and there's nothing in between. Either you are afraid of everything, or you don't just care about anything at all. Have the next five minutes for your self, make a list of six thing you do not hate, or fear (old folks might say "things you LOVE", perhaps.) and think about those things in not any particular order.

Atheism. The Essence of "Soul".

I've been thinking a lot of atheism and religion lately, mainly becouse I've been watching Tim Minchin live on Youtube, I believe. Religion is quite a common subject in his rants, and I know he if someone will be able to make the change in people's minds and hearts, becouse he disguises all his points in laughter. It is the most clever way of raising the public eyebrow. Monty Python did it decades ago, South Park and Family Guy do it today, and they hopefully force people to think about where they stand in this Harmageddon of the Spiritual and the Profane.

I, for once, don't believe in existence of any supreme being that would have created anything such a random thing as our universe. Of course science has found some regularities, but recently it has even backed off in some of it's theories, when the quarks do not act as they should and the scientists find themselves thinking something like: "what the fuck?" It is just too huge and complex thing to fully figure out, but to me it's so fucking cool that we're even trying. Becouse if we wouldn't, we'd be pretty much spending our human lives wanking on the couch. So that we have something to do while we wait for our earthly bulk turn to dust.

So I don't believe that we we're created by God. We are here by a mere accident, the constant chain of evolution that developed consciousness, and according to now late Kurt Vonnegut, nature has realized what a huge mistake it has been, and has started to decrease our intelligence significantly. I believe to some extent this pessimist outlook on human intelligence is quite accurate. I know he probably was not all serious about it, but I can see the seed of frustration the writer had towards mankind, when at the peak of it's evolution it does all things possible to get rid of it's own collective responsibility to develop even further on. We are in decline. Subsiding by every single generation that follows. Hopefully we can reverse this, and get interested in the real things and our currently unique place in the universe.

Human life itself is a paradox. We are lab rats trapped in the cage that is earth, and we can see the room, the universe, right outside the boulders. But we can't get there. We can not get far enough to touch something real. Still we can find out, what's going on in this room we'll live our all life in. But we are never able to get out of here. And we take this knowledge nowhere. It goes nowhere. It will always stay right here. Life is a huge painting we all contribute in as a single shade of different colors. No one might catch us in their eye, but we are in the picture. We are born into this world, we die, and leave this world for others that come after us. That is the coil of mortality, our shared chain and the ball at the end of it, always in our mind, is death. The chains give us our freedom. When we experience the moments we forget all about dying, we are truly free. The good thing about scars is that there has to be skin to scar. You must exist to feel and think and eventually, die. And when you get to be alive without the constant fear of the awaiting end, you are free. When you do not fear, but understand the value of your life.

I don't believe in existence of soul, as in we'd all have a soul that would be something eternal, that would leave our body, and continue life without our body. Or if there is, it is not me, it is not my consciousness, and it is as good as not having a soul at all. I believe in souls, as in "this song has so much soul in it". It is the experience we have, and it is the experience we pour into what we do. And through this, objects can have even more soul than most of the people have soul. Someone made a guitar. The guitar was like any other guitar, it had six strings and wooden top, it resonates as someone plays it's strings. Then by several other hands, the guitar ended up in the hands of Robert Johnson. And instantly, through all the songs played, through all the emotions given, that guitar has a soul. It has more soul than all the wall street stockbrokers who'd even sell their mother for the profit.

Atheism is something that comes to me quite naturally, for I like to seek for some sort of higher understanding. Religion as a system that helps people to accept their mortality and arrange their social structure in a certain way has always seemed clear enough for me. They're always the same, they are a moral code to live by, an excuse for abuse and spiritual exploitation, they are amusement, and they have always been mixed with politics. I am still able to understand, that reality might be too hard to face for some people, and we all have the right to believe what we want. We all have to die, so we have to find our own lies, to make us feel better. I still have not found mine, and I believe I'll lose my mind towards the end. But that does not stop me from trying to become as succesful human being as I can be. And success does not mean any of that success most of you seek. My success would be helping people understand the complete, utter bullshit they're being fed every day, to see through the lies, to trust in their own comprehension, to respect their elders and other people as well, and to learn from them. To reclaim the power of common sense over the nasal, annoying voice of bureaucracy.

tiistai 6. syyskuuta 2011

The Expendables.

In case you are a bit slow in the head, or just plain stupid, here's the links to all downloadable goodies we've done so far. We'll rather be heard than paid, and we couldn't afford a new CD pressing anyway, for we are preparing the next record. It will get a bit longer and at some points slower, but it Grinds more than anything ever! Except for Feastem, they are the best.

By the way, if anyone of you books gigs/arranges festivals/knows a squad that has some bands playing every now and then, we'd be more than happy to play anywhere we can. Send us e-mail to . Thanks.

The first demo, recorded in sixteen minutes with only three mics. Because of these facts, it is merely the greatest first demo ever made. So if the first demos rule, this rules them all.

The second demo, not as good as the first one, because we thought it would be a great idea to record it when we're tired, we played all the thirtysomething songs we had and we're exhausted half way through. My bad, sorry.

We're making slight progress. Vili thinks this record sounds the best. I like the lyrics and vocals and all I contributed, including the outro we played with Vili. In this case the carpet matches the drapes, it sounds like it's cover arts.

I think this is in a way the best one we've done. The samples are in balance and intro's and outro's are in place. Notice how we make no mistakes on this great, great recording.

Fire Works
A half an hour sludge experience. The other side of grind. I recommend you just download this and listen to it the next time you lay in bed some hangover struck sunday.