tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011

Portugal & Drugs & Money

Portugal has successed. In decreasing the amount of drug addicts by decriminalizing all drugs. I'm not surprised it worked. The biggest problems drug addicts face and the one they carry on complaining about is the illegality of drugs. It is the single main problem, becouse it affects everything. First of all you have to do more illegal things to get your hands in to drugs. This is why we have all the fucking crackhead hood rats breaking into cars and stealing stereos to get their fix, this is why we have these otherwise bright kids, who have been dropped out from society, for the social stigma they have for getting caught with cannabis. Here it is a huge fucking deal to some people. Older folks especially, and unlucky as we are, those older people usually decide who gets the job. And usually it is not me or you. It's even more funny and ironic to know that later on this old human wreckage will get shitfaced with booze and beat his wife or at least have a loud argument that will scar his kids for life. Not of course everyone, but we all know sometimes you need to go with a broad brush to really paint the picture. Van Gogh knows. He'd understand...

Anyway, in this two-faced seemingly democratic shithole we call Finland, we have had a debate whether to help Portugal in pain or not. We decided to help. I think it is great, I just think the reason and the methods are wrong. Of course we should help anyone who needs it. I think Portugal has a great history and culture until it came to colonialism and other stupid shit like that (I raise my finger ans give you a "bad boy! BAD!"). But it has it's own language and culture and their mix ups in Brazil are to me something beautiful. I understand that the grass seems greener on the other side, and I know Finland has one of the most interesting histories in the world, although it lacks all heroisms and legends and all the glory besides Kalevala, and that was artificial recollection of old wives tales and poetry. But lately I have raised my brows in sheer astonishment, as some people I've considered somewhat intelligent have turned against their own stands and started ranting against the dangers of multi cultural society, and not letting refugees in. I don't want to repeat myself on this, read older posts. I tried to find the speech I watched earlier on Youtube, I can't remember who it was, but he said some clever things about European Union. It's main content was, that if you try to force people to unite, take away their freedom, take away their identity, wht do you think they have left, besides violence and nationalism? It was great.

Basically the eagerness of help is not becouse the European Union would actually want to help the ones in need. It must save it's grip of the people, maintain it's grip from the dream it has. To form another union of states, to gurantee that the once in need will stay in need, and the once who lead can come and go up and down your rectum whatever way they happen to feel like. That is why they are so fucking eager to save the countries in funding crisis. They have their own cow neck deep in the pit of mud, they try to pull it out and start biting each other's hands and fighting over minor things, to eventually fuck up on a major scale. That is ridiculous and transparent. Obvious. And it makes me so mad. They dress their own intentions into something else, to get it through the untrained eye, to pull another rabbit from the hat and have the crowd cheering for the magic trick seen. This happens everyday, right before our eyes, and the ones who know the tricks, are too separate to become anything bigger than a small hippie movement.

Right, those drugs. I believe to some extent this could be brought to any society, it would have a peak at first, but all the stupid addicts would probably die in that wave anyway, so either way we'd win! Then, eventually, when drugs are not the apple in our Eden of Eternal Work, they lose their glory and they become less dangerous for both, society and the addict. Becouse in our current situation, we have the common Joe, who lives his life without the danger of slipping into the Underworld, then we have the poor people, who see the Underworld everyday, but for some reason live in some sort of purgatory in between. They have the possibility of becoming either common Joes or becoming the despised "deadbeats", although the last group is artificial and would without a doubt involve me too. In spite of not doing drugs or abusing my mind, I most definately belong to this lowest caste, for I have no interest of becoming anything more than I already am. A deadbeat.

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