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The New Face of Terror

Nationalism & the face of terrorism. I believe these two will be the main victims of this rant. But I could also be wrong, for it is yet to become written. But to begin with something, I want you to know that these two are the reasons I started writing these first few sentences. Now let's see where this will lead.

Nationalism is an ideal, who to most of it's devotees displays as the ultimate source of common well-being and wealth. The point in the beginning was the intention to gather all people with the same cultural and genetic identity to a same place, to a same state, and have one state for each nation. Because there would be no differing cultures and views that would alter the state. I believe we all still agree on this? Every nation would have their own state, and they could carry their own crosses in their own ways and cherish thier own cultural heritage in peace. This however is made totally impossible by the simple fact that our states and their nations too, are totally artificial. To draw any sort of lines in sand and to tell others to fuck off is something I've never been able to completely understand.

To reach to the core of this, there should have been some ancient states ruled by one race, and the point would be the maintaining and preservation of this system. But as far as I've read my history books (from cover to cover in most occasions) there has never been such race-state-systems to begin with. There has been conquerors and slaves, all kinds of shitfaces living under same flags more or less in peace. They have had to get along, if for no other reason, then at least for the trade. Yes, our ideal of capitalism is based on the thought that not a single state can provide everything for their people, because of their natural location or weather or because the Great Shaman told us this year is not good for the mushrooms. We have had to trade with other states and other races and nationalities, and it has always been the initial part of how we've adapted to our surroundings or how the new innovations have spread. I hope some of you stupid brick faced dickheads can dig this, I tried to find a somewhat capitalist/right-wing point to understand why we can't shut our borders completely and "mind our own business".

Since the beginning of any state there has always been some other minorities living in them too. Another proof of how artificial our "states" really are in practice. There are people who see everything in 2D. These are the people who naturally think nationalism is cool, because they can not see the relations between the state borders and states themselves. Through wars and different incidents in the past, there may have been times any country may have lost some areas. There has also been eras of imperialism and exploitation, all for the sake of sweet, sweet greed. Have the people in somewhere in India felt anymore British or French after they came to fight against each other on their land, and then saw the British overcome and tell them "you're part of us now, so act like honorable human beings should, you dirty ol' heathen bastards!". I'm not suffering guilt from white man's burden to oppress and demolish. They sure as fuck where not my mistakes. I raised this as an example of a nationalist puzzle of philosophical nature. Those people of course were Indian more than they were British or French. Then Pakistan separated themselves from India, they should be the ideal state of nationalism. Of course there's Israel ( I can hear your neo-nazi "NOOOOOOOO!"'s all the way here) that was established for the jews, but there's this little group called Palestinians, who'd disagree on where it was established. I think the both participants of this war have completely forgotten to live what they preach about forgiveness and peace. It's a sad, sad situation. But not my cross to bear.

I have this idea of nations and people: We are all individuals, we're all mixed up in the whirlpool of time and random incidents, and we have our own cultural heritage to share and cherish. Everyone should be able to express their own, although there should be no need to convert anyone in to your own believes, for wha the fuck is it worth anyway? We are different, and we can learn something useful if we keep our minds open and exchange our experiences with others. Those who are afraid of the cultural identities being dimmed or faded, are just afraid of their own mortality and how small they are as single individuals. They are afraid and confused, and easily converted as tools for someone else who may have serious intentions to harm other people. But this, too, is merely the matter of random actions and their consequenses. My home is where my heart is. And in my heart, I carry my identity, my life and it's experiences. It's own stories to share. And they will not tarnish in time, or vanish in thin air if I move in to another country. It's the small piece of Finland I carry with me. It's all the fucking same where the lines are drawn, the identity lives in the people, and without it's people the country is nothing. It has nothing to do with skin colors or races or all that other shit you claim to fight against. It is only inside your own head.

But these are things that stir up constant controversies among people, and especially internet. The mass murder in Norway was work of a conservatist christian-extremist. When his stats where still unknown, I saw our Finnish messageboards full of all this self-rightous bullshit against muslims and multi-culturalism, especially islam. When they told it was norwegian and blond haired male, they instantly believed it was someone who had been converted to islam and decided to go Jihad all over the world. Then, as it turned out the shooter was one of thier own, they instantly went to find a maching martyr's crown. Surely as it is our enemies, we are willing to blame everyone, but when it turns out to be too similar with us, it does not matter what he stood for. He's a single maniac who flipped in the pressure of society and does not speak for the public opinion of his group. Although our mouths have been grinding exactly same shit for quite a while.

The shooter had written 1500 pages of diary and blog entries, probably pretty alike with mine, but from a completely different angle. His angle was childish and naive hate towards today's "civilization" and society. I can't say I'd love them either, but I'm too smart to fall in the hands of blind hate. That is the road to absolute and hopeless demise, which I want to avoid, because I saw from my father where that road will eventually take everyone who wishes to go along with it's flow. I have not read this man's manifest yet, but I've already heard it mostly consists of all sorts of quotes and stolen ideas, so probably it's as solid and waterproof as his personality seems to be. He's a collector. He wanted to become immortal. And the only way you become immortal is either through the path of a martyr (Kurt Cobain, Jesus Christ, you know how it goes.) or through the blood shed of innocent blood. He knew with his ideals and stupid thoughts of destroying something he could never become a martyr, so he had to destroy something instead. I've often thought about why these shooters kill themselves after the shootings, becouse without a commentary most of their motives will always stay out of our reach. This one's the first dick not to put a bullet in his head. And he tries to achieve a point, where he can spend the rest of his days in jail, give interviews to hungry media and spread out his views. This is what he wanted. The act, I believe, was merely a tool to achieve this point. Because you can bet your both eyes there'll be millions of ears listening to him now. The fastest way would be to just silence him, without a trial, not to mention a single word about him. This internet fixated generation would forget him in three years.

No matter how sad and excruciating this sort of mass murder may be, I think the word "terrorism" is what follows this sort of bloodbath. The act itself would have been just a simple "mass shooting of children and a bombing in Oslo" in the nineties. But now, since Americans have made sure we all know we're in war with terrorism, it was labeled as an act of terrorist sort. That is utterly an issue of semantics, and I believe we could go on and on about arguing what the words mean. Forget the words. They are nothing if they have no one to read, write or speak them. They are merely small fragments and shards of consciousness we give to other people who may judge us poorly by simply coloring the words with their own intentions and agendas. What I meant when I said terrorism is what follows the bloodbath was the way media follows the situation second by second, draws it to our minds with sharp knives and cruel details, before they are even proven to be true. Then begins the overflood of scaring people, through all media. There was a story on the news how metro station in Oslo was shut down becouse someone carried a suspicious bag around. And that is exactly what I mean. Everyones constantly on the edge, filled with unnecessary terror, too afraid of their own neighboughs to live their lives. And media plays a big part in all this.

This is what bothers me with the internet. It's so fast, and full of shit you'll never find the truth. I'm not claiming I'd had any parts of some actual truth, and I do have my personal intentions towards this blog, but I try to be honest. I'm not on the right, I'm not on the left, and I'm not in between. I'm an outsider to all this. I feel disconnected anywhere I go (when you're a meat eating non-drinking anarchist who rather plays guitar than fucks around, you're lone wolf anywhere.), so I may as well observe people and their behavior, make notes and try to forge them into something somebody might be able to use someday. I don't want mankind to stay still, so I write down even the simpliest liner notes I come up with, so someone else can continue from where I some day may have to stop. This of course written in hope of the next generation being smarter than we ever will be.

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