tiistai 5. heinäkuuta 2011


We just played some kick ass shows with Magrudergrind, who have done this way longer than we have, are way better in this than we are, and maybe the most important of all, have arisen way more controversy than many grindcore bands ever will. One of the reasons some declare their music shit and their cause hypocrite is the fact that SCION (here better known for Toyota's) have published their recordings, and they played at SCION fest, which brought them some publicity. Well, I looked up to it, and Neurosis was there too, so anyone who wants to say a bad word about Neurosis, step right up and I'll go Voodoo on your ass!

Well, to be serious for a second, I was confused by this too. I was sure, they might have some Scion-shirted agent walking around, saying things like "we drive you home safely!", or "did you know that in all the lethal car crashes last year not a single Toyota was involved? what a coincidence!". Well guess what? They had not. It was just three honest, hard grinding fellas from the other side of the planet, to whom we all (Feastems and us at least) felt connected to. It's easy to sit by your interwebs, to read shit someone has posted and form your opinion on that assumption of how things may be. I did not ask a single question about this, becouse I did not care. We had a great time, we played two good shows with them and whatever reason they have for their SCION connections might not be as simple and black and white as the loud minority here in the internet scene seems to be. They have good connections, becouse they have done a shitload of gigs. You can hear and see it instantly, when they strike the first notes of the first song. They know what they are doing. They have done it many times.

The band itself looked and sounded like I've always thought we'd look and sound like if we'd know what we are doing. It was pure energy, tense and ready to explode. Chris behind the drums looks like Charlie Manson on PCP, he seemed to hate every single hit he gave to his cymbals, his drumming was wild and inspiring. It was so fucking cool. The whole band gave me chills down my spine, and we were lucky to witness two completely different shows. The first one in Helsinki was great in all it's punkyness, the crowd was wild and even fell on the drumset once, the show in Tampere was "more professional" for it was sunday and people were sleepy and just wanted to see the bands and leave. And on the second show we could really focus in to the band itself, and I saw everyone just grinning to themselves, this is what grind is about. It should be called grincore. I'm sure Harris just misspelled it the first time, and people took it and now we have grindcore. So practically Mick Harris is like Jesus Christ. Or something.

We had a great weekend all together although I lost some money, but no biggie, special thanks for Gaf for helping with the backline and great crust jokes that seemed to hit their targets. Thanks for Tinner for the owerwhelming D-beat action, thanks for Psykis for the mixing help and special thanks for Feastem, for being such an great and intense band every fucking time. Well, not obviously fucking time, but every time we gather to fuck up under the same roof.

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