sunnuntai 19. kesäkuuta 2011

Of Good & Evil

Last night we had a great discussion about the substantial existence of good and evil in the world and amongst mankind with some of my friends. It was inspiring trade of thoughts and we ended up in complete disagreement, which often happens when I'm around. Still I try to abandon my own ground and understand how things work, especially when it comes to other human beings for all the functions of the mind are at least somewhat interesting to me. My friend had this dualistic view of good and bad people, alongside with views of intelligent people and stupid people. He thinks world is full of bricks, who do bad things, and there's this handfull of good people that try to reason with the stupid people and always end up losing. He's probably right, but I want to open up my point of view.

In my opinion, people are naturally built with the seeds of anarchy in them. They are thrown into this huge ocean someone calls life, with endless amount of possibilities and the continuing struggle for survival. And basically that's it. Man's actions are based on his current situation, and the limited knowledge he has on that very moment. His motivations might be selfish benefits or utilitarist "what's best for everyone is best for me" type of attributions, but still the selfish person can end up doing more good than the one who thought he should act for the greater good. It's all about how informed or ignorant these people are when they face the conflict they are forced to solve. Not all bad people do bad things to be bad. Their motivations might be driven by complete disappointment on how other human beings find them, and if they are not able to achieve their respect and acceptance, they want to take it by force. Still, they might be the most loving parents in the world, or have their other own little soft spots. Also, good people can act selfishly and decide against their beliefs.

The world itself does not know words "good" or "evil". They are our concepts, created to determine where do we stand when we are compared to mankind as a whole or just to indicate how we face our own society. For many people, I may seem a bad person. I refuse to swallos cheap mediabullshit, I refuse to work and earn my place in society. I resist all oppression and authority, and I won't fit in to your picture of a happy family. I refuse to become a mindless working bee, serving the queen I'll never get to fuck. I reject all values that are given us as some default settings. I don't agree with some of basic morals. If a man is dying of a hunger, he can steal food from the ones who sell it to maximize their own profits. Fuck those self-righteous shitfaces anyway. But still I don't see myself as a bad person. I am free of guilt and shame so many people feel, and that is enough to keep me going. We have just one life, we should live it, not through disrespectng others, but not to give a fuck if they think you're childish or stupid.

Our time has become an exact replica of the ancient Athens in Plato's time. The majority of people wallow in their hedonistic selfishness, ignorance and plain stupidity are valued over wisdom or further consideration of anything. This is something that really grinds my gears. I see this world sinking deeper and deeper in shit, and I don't know how patiently I can show compassion towards it, when it does not show a single attempt for change of it's current course. Tits and early stages of alcoholism are way cooler than thinking and reading. Maybe so, but this world is never saved by the cool dudes. Also, I'm fed up with television, and to some extent internet too. Nothing is taken seriously, everything is continuing vacuum of postmodern irony and trololololololollol. I'm so fucking sick of it. All people want to see on television is war and porn, as long as it's not real blood or sperm. If you really need to face death or the flood of bodyfluids all sexual interaction involves, you feel disgusted and turn away. In many ways the world is more evil than ever, but still it has lost lots of it's ancient cruelties. Still, the hedonism has risen again from the ashes of reason, and I find this all just sad. Be the change you want to see, an old cliché perhaps, but really something to think about. Most people are smart enough to understand that world is a really fucked up place, but no one has the strength to change their own mindset to achieve something bigger than a fortyfive year career as a waiter. Still, if one truly has the calling of being a waiter, that is exactly what one should do. Our short lives should be spent exactly the way we want them to be spent. I have no answers to any questions, and every day brings at least ten new questions with it, so I really don't have a clue of these things. I'm just sorting out my own thoughts in a form of "wordflows" and see where they take me.

The point of all this in one paragraph: There is no good and evil inside my mind, there are just people trying to get through the labyrinth, sometimes they take wrong turns and they just need to memorize those dead ends for the future. Good-bad scale is purely in our heads, and it's meant to measure our attitude and how the individuals function towards each other when considered as a group. Our time is just as hedonist and ruined as ancient Greek, and the democracy has evolved the freedom into something completely different: slavery.

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