torstai 5. toukokuuta 2011

We've got some biiiig stuff going on...Osama has not.

We played northern Finland last week and it was great. Here's the first part on youtube and I'm going to add another soon enough:

We will also take a 100 copies pressing of our half an hour sludge-experiment Fire Works, we'll have them next week I hope. I think it turned out better than we even expected, and we do them as cheap as possible, so if you want to order yours, just contact , they'll cost five (5) euros plus delivery.

We will also play some great shows in the future, 2nd of July we'll play at Darkside, Helsinki with MAGRUDERGRIND (US), TINNER (Åland, decide yourself whetherit's part of Finland or Sweden), FEASTEM and GAF! This will be during Sonisphere, so if you have nothing better to do after that, come and drop by, tickets will be as cheap as possible. There'll also be a short tour with Absolutist (UK), we'll see on how many of those gigs we'll play, at least now it's two of them.

Now, on to the next subject, which is pretty much continuing the observation of American Propaganda Machinery. It is strange how Osama's picture that, if being proved to be a real one, would instantly cut wings from all the conspiracy bullshit, has not yet been revealed. It makes me think they are actually saying "wait, we're not ready yet, our experts are photoshopping the shit out of it, so it would be more convincing and you would not be able to find the original ones as you did before. We have our best men working on this." The other thing is the hypocrisy to claim that images are disturbing, WE WATCHED SADDAM HUSSEIN GET EXECUTED LIVE. We have seen picture's of skinned human beings during wars, we have spoken to people who have had their hands cut off for drug debts, we do know a bit about disturbing, just give us the closure on this. Give us truth, instead of manipulation, frustrating hypocrisy and endless excuses. Not only on this, but always.

Another thing that caught my attention on the internet was this minor thing that Osama's been living under Pakistani officials noses FOR YEARS, and no one noticed? I remember reading some old Finnish movie director (Jussi Parviainen, also an actor and a writer, and acknowledged drunk) ranting about how all the soldiers in Pakistan had some Osama -tattoo, now these talks seem to find at least some basis. At least this sort of conspiracy would prove handy next time we're lacking some lyrics and we should start recording. I've been writing more and more, when we survive some of these gigs, we'll probably start writing songs again. At least at this point the U.S. Propaganda seems to offer huge shitloads of inspiration, hopefully they either keep this up until the next record is done, or give us the truth.


What do they tell you, and how they tell it?
What do they leave out and why they do it?

Your visions been altered, fingered with knives
Collection of lies to narrow your mind
Your visions been altered, you're brain-dead test mice
Collected lies to disarm your mind

To make sure you don't have to fight
To make sure you don't have a mind.

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