maanantai 2. toukokuuta 2011

So you've got Osama...

..Now what? Everyone seems to be celebrating the end of the era of terror, but to me all this fuzz seems pretty premature. First of all, I think I'm not alone if I thought the war on terror had moved on from hunting Osama to completely new grounds. These new grounds being punishing countries with natural resources for not handing them over to U.S. freehandedly and willingly.

I think America has developed an addiction to war. It needs war to keep it's citizens on their toes, to keep the country in constant state of emergency and panic, so the government can flip the cards and do their magic tricks. Make people make sacrifices and give their government more power over their lives than actually would be necessary. It's kinda confusing that they even call them Defence forces, when they have never had to actually "defend" anything besides the country's interests in smaller countries with oil or anything they happen to want. It also needs to keep it's people on the lowest possible level of education they can without making it a crime against humanity. They also need the opposition, the one's who educate themselves, to have something to point at. "You don't want to be like those people with all that vain knowledge and fancy words, and you know why? Because those people with individual thought patterns, they are terrorists. They are endangering our fine capitalist system (Which, by the way, is based on individualism, as long as it means individualism and freedom for the rich and the priviledged who claim their profits from the masses need to consume and be a part of something in their short period of excistence.) and want CHANGE. And Change would mean that the terrorists win." They need these intelligent people, so they can ridicule their role, and make the regular people become afraid of being labeled as those "liberal hippie fags".

It is truly a complex and fascinating country, that is now celebrating for a death of a scapegoat. I don't think Osama had the sort of power they claimed him to have, for the terrorist organisation he would command would consist of some few hundred people. And no matter how cunning or evil, that sort of group of poorly organized terrorists could not accomplish much. And Al Qaida is not even a real organization, it's just an common name to several different groups, so it was practically not lead by anyone. Sure they have a symbolic win on terrorism now, but I don't think they realize that by having this victory, they have given a reason for retaliation. I think they have already paid for their 3000 dead Americans by having some 98170 — 107152 civilian casualties on Iraq. I'm not trying to sound mean, but wouldn't that already do the trick? Even if you'd keep the iraqis as a "lesser race" of any sort, these are CIVILIANS dead in the hunt for those few hundred (absolute max.) terrorists. That, at least to me, is not a war but a slaughter in mass. Now they just topped their own terrorism by giving a reason for retaliation.

Of course it doesn't matter how much I write or how long posts I could do about this, probably the "defensive forces" are already wathing my behaviour on the interwebs and giving me a label of anti-american thinker. I'm not anti-american, so far I have liked almost all the Americans I've met. I'm anti-stupidity and against all oppression of the people in order to achieve some personal goals, may them be success, fame, oil, or just the good ol' green. I think these world policing morons who lead that country have been delaying the world peace and bringing forced democracy in other countries they don't belong for way too long. When the country was first founded they declared that their things belonged to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONLY, and Europe and the rest of the world could shove their sticky fingers up eachother's asses, and now they have their own fingers up in everyone's rectums. This sort of situation would make anyone feel uncomfortable, so I understand all the critique the country gets for it's politics. I think they should admit the mistakes made (Obama's been quite good at that by far, I'm still not sure what I think about him since he's done some good stuff, but also increased the amount of secret, special operations on the Middle East.) and reconsider their status. Maybe take a few steps back and chill out a bit.

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  1. Dude, I don't think they even killed him. No proof and what I don't get why Saddam got a trial in Cuba and we just shot and killed him,and can't even see his lifeless body because its "inappropriate" which I get, but people need actual closure.

    It's definitely unacceptable as well that everyone was celebrating. Death should not something to boast about.

    I think it was just a way to fullfill his presidency promises of getting in and out of the middle east by election year. All the stupid people that voted for him because he was a minority and offered change, but its the same bullshit. My rant to your rant :)

  2. Yeah, I think it is certain that he is dead, but I don't believe he was killed now. You guys may have had him iced for five years, and someone just noticed he's rotting and needs to be disposed now, so a quick operation, some minor casualties, and the corpse to the ocean deep. Now when someone would get him up, it's easy to say that being dumped to the ocean has sped they process of decomposing.

    Obama can do good for America, but mainly through all those acts most of it's citizens consider COMMUNIST and UNAMERICAN. You need to have your healthcare and welfare systems upgraded to this millenium so they can keep up to repairing at least some of the damage the rich inflict on the poor.

    Obama vs. Osama seems somehow too symbolic and archetypical to be an accident. It's also a classical good cop-bad cop-situation, first Bush goes raging in, then comes the healer, who solves all conflicts and fixes his predecessor mistakes. He's a superman. He's something iconic, he's the christ. I'm still not sure what to think about him, he may aswell turn out to be the antichrist. I know he's clever and capable of doing some crazy shit.

    Also your propaganda machinery brings to mind some late years of communism. In times like these, when every soldier has million cameras attached to their bodies and information and how and what you display are more powerful weapons than the threat of nuclear disaster, it makes me shut up and listen to every word even more carefully. Saddam's example is a great one to be compared, he got his trial, Osama was killed unarmed, so "threatening signs" have not been reason enough to execute him without a trial. I say he was already dead. They may have had him for some time, for he has been ill for years, he may have get shot by accident, and frustrated soldiers shot him some more. But not showing pictures becouse they are brutal is one of the most hypocrite claims white house has ever made. Unless they have a picture of shot Osama with a Navy SEAL cock showed up his throat, covered in their sperm and all limbs severed.