lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011

I'd rather not brag about this...

..But this picture (well over an year old) proves that I AM -wait for it- GOD!!!

It clearly displays that Osama is shot to the head by Obama. It also shows how it is globally unaccepted, or at least causes controversy of some sort. If you study the map, you'll also notice that Osama is sitting somewhere on the Indian border, although I was not that good at drawing it.

If I'd need to disassemble and analyse some of this, and to answer the question of "foreseeing this", I'd say that this is all too symbolic and archetypical. Of course the most obvious OBAMA, the fitghter of justice and all that is good, peace nobel price winner and reformer of American healthcare system (actually the first American president to DO something for their country instead of just running around blaming others) vs. OSAMA, the terrorist who's ultimate evil mind knows no limits. He eats babies and lambs for breakfast and has been planning some train accident for the last ten years to memorate his own wicked mind (come on, those sketches of "evil plans" seemed to be just some post-found justifications for executing an unarmed group of people).

It was somehow clear that Bush would never catch Osama, for he was neck-deep in his on shit with the war already. They needed the warrior of light to execute the prince of darkness. And now they've had their beautiful, symbolic archetypical victory, and the last americans with a doubt of Obama's intentions are now sayying they believed in him all along. I see with my own eyes, that this guy has done some actual good for the world, his America is not going guns first to every new situation, but still there is something odd about him. I am still worried that he may just do some classic magic tricks, distract people with smiles and swift movements of right hand, while doing some long-term damage with the other. So, I'm happy, but still aware and a bit sceptical.

By the way, I laughed to FBI's news about the new e-mail virus. It promises to show you pictures of dead Osama and when your computer's being infected by this virus, it opens your computer and personal files to the virus, and the ones monitoring it. Too much effort, too soon. You don't need to wear a foil hat to understand that this sort of virus would be a great opportunity to get to the computers of those people, who would be interested to see dead Osama at all: TERRORISTS. Clearly, this virus would lead straight to FBI, or someone they hired to create such virus. I think it's not even a conspiracy theory, you could just ask and probably they'd admit it! At least the whole piece of news seemed so vague and "oh, by the way, we put this virus on the net, just wanted you to know..." that I just laughed when I read it.

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