tiistai 17. toukokuuta 2011

Religion is murder.

Every single metal band's interview I happen to read bores the crap out of me. I start reading with quite high expectations, I admit, I always hope that this time there's going to be some brainiac, who'll blow my mind away and serve my own ass to me on a silver plate, I read them with expectations of getting my mind utterly and thoroughly defeated. To find some musicians on the extreme metal scene, who'd give me something to chew for a while. But they seem to have this only one great ideal, on which the lyrics and the band with it's whole concept leans on: Religion. Especially Christianity, but nowadays more and more Islam too.

If you're in war with an institution, that is thousands of years older than your thought patterns can ever be (unless you are just repeating some age-old phrases you picked up from some black metal records in your early teen years) you really need to think about your own points. You need to question yourself, or you end up doing nothing but safe buzz, harmless background white noise, that seems provocative to 11-year-olds and those not familiar with aesthetics of extreme music. The one point these bands seem to make is that religion (let it be Christianity or Islam, practically they don't even care as long as someone's provoked) makes people go nuts and oppresses them. Some even state that they are the main cause of wars (of course they are, right after colonialism, political interests and natural resources) and then play their song "KILL ALL CHRISTIANS WITH SATANIC HAMMERS".

I know some bands do not take their band that seriously, or it is merely a matter of self-expression. But what I do is just a form of self-expression too. I have no interests of getting rich and famous, I'd spent all the money and move to some distant forest anyway. I want to challenge myself, to create and to question the reasons I do what I do. Find new ways of expressing myself, to achieve greater awareness, to get to the root of religion, If I handle it in my lyrics. If I write lyrics about religion, I either try to understand their dogmas in the context they have been created, or comment on their effects on our life, (for example Karman Laki was written after the UN gave religious imagery and icons human rights, so you can't really call Jesus a dick, or write songs about him. This was of course a decision lead by the fear of possible terrorism after all the buzz in Denmark.)

It is true, that Christianity held the whole (then known) world back for a thousand year period, forcing philosopheres to build artificial Christian meanings around their theories, forcing everything to fit the Christian values. This completely sucked dry all attempts of science, but after the Medieval times it has blown out of all proportion. And I think there's some new Dark Age coming, for people are so overwhelmed with knowledge and technology, they start to feel uneasey. We are deep down spiritual beings, and we are solving all our eternal questions faster than we could have ever imagined thousand years ago. And that makes us feel insecure. Afraid of finding out more. And it will unconsciously drive us back to the arms of religion. Fundamental belief in science is religion too. I think it can be even more dangerous, than some crazy old lady in a flower dress preaching you about love and miracles. Because science is a self-correcting system, which most of people do not understand. What we consider a fact today can be proved wrong tomorrow. And money is the whip on sciences back. You need to get funding to study something, and if your studies don't please the corporation/person funding the studies, you'll study these things as long as you get some "accurate" results. Believing blindly in something this unreliable and unstable is just as stupid as believing in some entity that has created a world and a human being as it's own image but is still nothing like men becouse he's perfection and you are not and why the fuck would I be the image of such God that is nothing like me?!

Of course fundamental anything is fucking scary and sick. Especially when we're talking semantics. And there's the linguistic interest I have towards our main religion. These are WORDS that are being translated to your language from Aramea, Hebrew and Greece, and presumably lose their meanings or get falsely translated in the process of bringing you the word of god. For example I have heard that the original bible is full of sexual content, but it just did not get translated on the editions we are reading today. Most of them were still made during the Middle Ages, and that may be the main reason all the sex was suppressed and the violence flourished. If the translations from the first-hand source were made to the stiff, god fearing people of the 400th century, MAYBE we should dig up the original version and try to make a new translation, so even the dumbest of people would understand that Jesus might have used metaphors, instead of claiming we must eat rocks.

The main problem with me in religion is the power it has over the people who believe, but still I can't help feeling sympathy for these people. Because I know that it all spurs from the same fountain I get my "creativity", the fear of dying. The fear of letting go of the life we have created here on earth. And if these people find their peace in religion, I think they have the right to believe in their god. And no one else should not interfere with their own gods. But to think of religion as a weapon of control, you can't get an abortion if you get raped, and all the other shit it involves, just gets to me sometimes. I've said this before, but the fact that Christianity even exists is a proof that no one really listened to what Jesus had to say. Sometimes when these crazy old ladies in their flowery dresses come to me and talk about Jesus, I can't help thinking that I probably understood more of his words than this preacher will ever do, but saying this, coming from the mouth of an atheist, couldn't of course be justified.

I've come quite a long way from where I started. My point in all this was that you should not critisize religions just for the fun of provoking people or critisizing religions, but you should really think about where do you stand, and why are you standing there. What is the point of your songs and how do you express it..The easiest route is never the most satisfying. Thanks for reading, if you really did.

lauantai 7. toukokuuta 2011

I'd rather not brag about this...

..But this picture (well over an year old) proves that I AM -wait for it- GOD!!!

It clearly displays that Osama is shot to the head by Obama. It also shows how it is globally unaccepted, or at least causes controversy of some sort. If you study the map, you'll also notice that Osama is sitting somewhere on the Indian border, although I was not that good at drawing it.

If I'd need to disassemble and analyse some of this, and to answer the question of "foreseeing this", I'd say that this is all too symbolic and archetypical. Of course the most obvious OBAMA, the fitghter of justice and all that is good, peace nobel price winner and reformer of American healthcare system (actually the first American president to DO something for their country instead of just running around blaming others) vs. OSAMA, the terrorist who's ultimate evil mind knows no limits. He eats babies and lambs for breakfast and has been planning some train accident for the last ten years to memorate his own wicked mind (come on, those sketches of "evil plans" seemed to be just some post-found justifications for executing an unarmed group of people).

It was somehow clear that Bush would never catch Osama, for he was neck-deep in his on shit with the war already. They needed the warrior of light to execute the prince of darkness. And now they've had their beautiful, symbolic archetypical victory, and the last americans with a doubt of Obama's intentions are now sayying they believed in him all along. I see with my own eyes, that this guy has done some actual good for the world, his America is not going guns first to every new situation, but still there is something odd about him. I am still worried that he may just do some classic magic tricks, distract people with smiles and swift movements of right hand, while doing some long-term damage with the other. So, I'm happy, but still aware and a bit sceptical.

By the way, I laughed to FBI's news about the new e-mail virus. It promises to show you pictures of dead Osama and when your computer's being infected by this virus, it opens your computer and personal files to the virus, and the ones monitoring it. Too much effort, too soon. You don't need to wear a foil hat to understand that this sort of virus would be a great opportunity to get to the computers of those people, who would be interested to see dead Osama at all: TERRORISTS. Clearly, this virus would lead straight to FBI, or someone they hired to create such virus. I think it's not even a conspiracy theory, you could just ask and probably they'd admit it! At least the whole piece of news seemed so vague and "oh, by the way, we put this virus on the net, just wanted you to know..." that I just laughed when I read it.

torstai 5. toukokuuta 2011

We've got some biiiig stuff going on...Osama has not.

We played northern Finland last week and it was great. Here's the first part on youtube and I'm going to add another soon enough:

We will also take a 100 copies pressing of our half an hour sludge-experiment Fire Works, we'll have them next week I hope. I think it turned out better than we even expected, and we do them as cheap as possible, so if you want to order yours, just contact cuttofit@windowslive.com , they'll cost five (5) euros plus delivery.

We will also play some great shows in the future, 2nd of July we'll play at Darkside, Helsinki with MAGRUDERGRIND (US), TINNER (Åland, decide yourself whetherit's part of Finland or Sweden), FEASTEM and GAF! This will be during Sonisphere, so if you have nothing better to do after that, come and drop by, tickets will be as cheap as possible. There'll also be a short tour with Absolutist (UK), we'll see on how many of those gigs we'll play, at least now it's two of them.

Now, on to the next subject, which is pretty much continuing the observation of American Propaganda Machinery. It is strange how Osama's picture that, if being proved to be a real one, would instantly cut wings from all the conspiracy bullshit, has not yet been revealed. It makes me think they are actually saying "wait, we're not ready yet, our experts are photoshopping the shit out of it, so it would be more convincing and you would not be able to find the original ones as you did before. We have our best men working on this." The other thing is the hypocrisy to claim that images are disturbing, WE WATCHED SADDAM HUSSEIN GET EXECUTED LIVE. We have seen picture's of skinned human beings during wars, we have spoken to people who have had their hands cut off for drug debts, we do know a bit about disturbing, just give us the closure on this. Give us truth, instead of manipulation, frustrating hypocrisy and endless excuses. Not only on this, but always.

Another thing that caught my attention on the internet was this minor thing that Osama's been living under Pakistani officials noses FOR YEARS, and no one noticed? I remember reading some old Finnish movie director (Jussi Parviainen, also an actor and a writer, and acknowledged drunk) ranting about how all the soldiers in Pakistan had some Osama -tattoo, now these talks seem to find at least some basis. At least this sort of conspiracy would prove handy next time we're lacking some lyrics and we should start recording. I've been writing more and more, when we survive some of these gigs, we'll probably start writing songs again. At least at this point the U.S. Propaganda seems to offer huge shitloads of inspiration, hopefully they either keep this up until the next record is done, or give us the truth.


What do they tell you, and how they tell it?
What do they leave out and why they do it?

Your visions been altered, fingered with knives
Collection of lies to narrow your mind
Your visions been altered, you're brain-dead test mice
Collected lies to disarm your mind

To make sure you don't have to fight
To make sure you don't have a mind.

maanantai 2. toukokuuta 2011

So you've got Osama...

..Now what? Everyone seems to be celebrating the end of the era of terror, but to me all this fuzz seems pretty premature. First of all, I think I'm not alone if I thought the war on terror had moved on from hunting Osama to completely new grounds. These new grounds being punishing countries with natural resources for not handing them over to U.S. freehandedly and willingly.

I think America has developed an addiction to war. It needs war to keep it's citizens on their toes, to keep the country in constant state of emergency and panic, so the government can flip the cards and do their magic tricks. Make people make sacrifices and give their government more power over their lives than actually would be necessary. It's kinda confusing that they even call them Defence forces, when they have never had to actually "defend" anything besides the country's interests in smaller countries with oil or anything they happen to want. It also needs to keep it's people on the lowest possible level of education they can without making it a crime against humanity. They also need the opposition, the one's who educate themselves, to have something to point at. "You don't want to be like those people with all that vain knowledge and fancy words, and you know why? Because those people with individual thought patterns, they are terrorists. They are endangering our fine capitalist system (Which, by the way, is based on individualism, as long as it means individualism and freedom for the rich and the priviledged who claim their profits from the masses need to consume and be a part of something in their short period of excistence.) and want CHANGE. And Change would mean that the terrorists win." They need these intelligent people, so they can ridicule their role, and make the regular people become afraid of being labeled as those "liberal hippie fags".

It is truly a complex and fascinating country, that is now celebrating for a death of a scapegoat. I don't think Osama had the sort of power they claimed him to have, for the terrorist organisation he would command would consist of some few hundred people. And no matter how cunning or evil, that sort of group of poorly organized terrorists could not accomplish much. And Al Qaida is not even a real organization, it's just an common name to several different groups, so it was practically not lead by anyone. Sure they have a symbolic win on terrorism now, but I don't think they realize that by having this victory, they have given a reason for retaliation. I think they have already paid for their 3000 dead Americans by having some 98170 — 107152 civilian casualties on Iraq. I'm not trying to sound mean, but wouldn't that already do the trick? Even if you'd keep the iraqis as a "lesser race" of any sort, these are CIVILIANS dead in the hunt for those few hundred (absolute max.) terrorists. That, at least to me, is not a war but a slaughter in mass. Now they just topped their own terrorism by giving a reason for retaliation.

Of course it doesn't matter how much I write or how long posts I could do about this, probably the "defensive forces" are already wathing my behaviour on the interwebs and giving me a label of anti-american thinker. I'm not anti-american, so far I have liked almost all the Americans I've met. I'm anti-stupidity and against all oppression of the people in order to achieve some personal goals, may them be success, fame, oil, or just the good ol' green. I think these world policing morons who lead that country have been delaying the world peace and bringing forced democracy in other countries they don't belong for way too long. When the country was first founded they declared that their things belonged to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ONLY, and Europe and the rest of the world could shove their sticky fingers up eachother's asses, and now they have their own fingers up in everyone's rectums. This sort of situation would make anyone feel uncomfortable, so I understand all the critique the country gets for it's politics. I think they should admit the mistakes made (Obama's been quite good at that by far, I'm still not sure what I think about him since he's done some good stuff, but also increased the amount of secret, special operations on the Middle East.) and reconsider their status. Maybe take a few steps back and chill out a bit.