torstai 7. huhtikuuta 2011

"And I think to myself: what a fucked up world.."

Luckily enough (for the sake of his own mind) Louis Armstrong did not live to see the world we live in today. He would probably have to reconsider his words about this "wonderful world", and the people who inhabitat this blue planet. We have grown capable of such monstrosities I would not have believed 15 years ago. Sure there's been school massacres even before I was born, and I'm not some hypocrite Jesus Christ to bear the sins and grief of mankind, but since when did it become a norm, that when you are about to shoot yourself, you need to take as many people, usually kids unable to defend themselves, with you?

I know this world is completely different world than when I was a kid. My childhood was at least safe. Now everyone's packing heat, kids are selling drugs and carrying weapons to ensure their own safety. They should not do that. 15-year-old is still a fucking child, and should be able to live his/her childhood in peace, far from the ugliness of mankind. Maybe have some sneak previews through the first hangovers and such, but not most certainly earn money by dealing shit that kills people. Or having to run from some fucking brick who decided that he is having his vengeance through murdering children.

Here's a hint: DO NOT KILL ANYONE. I'm not too old, but old enough to know that there's thousands of people dying everyday, and they are forced to die, not being able to live their lives to their natural endings. It should be a basic right to anyone who's been thrown into this world. Getting to live their life as full as possible. I know there's too much of us, but we have also seen that nature's taking care of this situation.

I'm starting to believe what Kurt Vonnegut notes in his book Galapagos: Human brains are too big, too "great" and harmful to evolution. So they have invented millions of ways of getting rid of themselves: Automation, nuclear warfare, gunpowder and guns, swords, greed, lies... All reflecting the same need to return among animals, to destroy "self", and become an instinct-driven mammal again. Maybe this is what our extinction-seeking brains are trying to do to us as species. Reduce us back to square one. Being an animal.

And this is why we repeat these harmful and unwanted tragedies, such as school massacre in Rio De Janeiro today, selecting the cheapest materials for building houses on vulcanic activity hazard zones, and War on Terror, which has been nothing but Struggle For Resources And Sending Our Morons With Lowest Level Of Education To Slaughter Civilians Without Consequences. All this, to show our brains how dangerous they are, and how we should reconsider our own place and meaning in this universe. Really?

This world is ruled by fear and paranoia, as I stated in a Cut To Fit song on Babylon Burns (Western Decline). It was mainly a commentary on the western politics, bringing CHRISTIAN peace and democracy to countries with their own beliefs and traditions, force feeding our own values to someone else. But our grief and sorrow, the silent despair we used to have, has now been replaced with fear and paranoia. We're shooting "possible" enemies, not caring too much about individual people with individual agendas, they're all just enemies as far as we're concerned. This is something that really bugs me. Not just in global politics, but in small things and in everyday life.

The lack of trust. Most annoying thing I know. I trust people. Maybe too much, becouse I blabber this sort of "personal" stuff on the internet. I trust you bear even a small, hacked up piece of brain, so that you understand what I mean even though I know I'm not expressing myself too clearly. You, as a reader, have an duty to think, to ponder this shit inside your little head, and form an opinion. I don't care if it is for or against what I think, as long as it's yours.

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