keskiviikko 20. huhtikuuta 2011

About Justice and Booze (and why I'm not drinking it)

I was reading Plato's State, and I got all the way to the page nineteen before the great inspiration struck me, and I was unable to concentrate. Sokrates was arguing about Justice, and what it means. What sort of virtue or attribute is justice? He and his opponent came up to conclusion of justice being something that is needed especially, when the actual THING is not needed. When you don't play your instrument, it's best kept safe in the hands of righteous man. Not in the hands of some drug addict who'd sell it for the price of his next fix. Speaking of which I had a somewhat strange experience yesterday.

I was speaking to some (somewhere around 50 people) youth/social workers in our town about my lifestyle, life without drugs or alcohol. It was strange becouse it was part of this drug education day, and I had to speak to my own co-workers, after the recovering drug addict had told his life story, which was far more exciting than mine. He had six years more life behind him than I, so what am I to preach about anything, to people who were mostly older than me? No one. Partially, this made it easier, and also harder. I mentioned the possibility that I may find the joy of drinking even tomorrow, and I don't know this today, so I speak only for myself, only for the life I have lived this far. I spoke about my youth, how I was not considered "different" in a little redneck town, but when I moved to this "big city", everyone considered it weird not to drink booze.

Nowadays everyone knows it, and I think they also know that does not make me look down on others, or judge their drinking. I'm ok with everyone else being drunk around me, I don't mind. If I wanted to drink, I would. I don't need to explain it to anyone, although here in Finland it is so normal to loosen your brain cells with booze, that you'll always have to explain if you don't. I just think that when we are possibly the only existing species capable of thinking (as far as we know) We really should not waste that opportunity. I know this is also the leading reason TO drink at all. The burden is too heavy to carry, and we don't want to think. We escape it, unconsciously. It's our way of handling the responsibility of surviving: we don't want to.

It's also funny, how we here in Finland consider ourselves great drinkers, but we drink mainly some light shit. We we're playing at Czech Republic last summer, and our drummer and my brother went drinking with the belgians, and they we're down after a handful of beers. Everyone in every country drinks, we are just the only ones making a number out of it. But anyway, there I was, explaining my "illness" of not drinking. I made sure to include this has nothing to do with straight edge or anything like that, I eat junk food and have sex, I have nothing against drugs, I just don't recommend them to anyone. If you have to do drugs, PLEASE make something out of it. Write a book. Paint paintings, write music, do a sculpture, anything. Don't just abuse them and let them go to waste. And after the inevitable rehab, observe these works of diluted mind. Observe yourself and learn. I also compared reading books with doing drugs: It's fun when you start, gets more annoying and frustrating every day, and you just wish you're finished before you are completely fucked up.

Back to the justice. In my opinion, it is something we possess, something that guides us to make decisions in the light of our current situation. We don't really know if our decisions are right or wrong, but we tend to do the "right thing". Later it may turn out that it had more negative effects than it had positive effects, but that does not make it a "bad" decision. We tried the best we could. I think most of those bad decisions are made becouse we are uninformed, or ignorant of other's choices. And our choices cross and ruin their's, and result in some damage on ourselves or our relatives/friends/etc. This view has been refined when I've seen the good and evil crash ( when I was a kid, I was told that Americans we're good, and Russians we're bad, but we have seen this image crash and burn as the good guys have made more bad things than the bad ones ever did) and make way to this way more chaotic way of being. Everyone is individual now, everyone else is bunch of enemies, homo homini lupus est, and so on. World has slipped into anarchy, but in the wrong sort of anarchy. In this anarchy we are afraid of eachother, instead of building the world on trust, and then minding our own things, as we should if you ask me.

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  1. What a great find! I know what you mean about staying productive while under the influence. Quick way to let more than a few cells go to waste.
    I do wish to probe on the American/Russian comment you speak of though. I've always been curious as how that side of the world feels about this country. :)

  2. I think it's more clear here where we live, right between the Russia and some possible invaders. We are the living human shield, we've struggled ourselves out of their grip alongside with others, we have seen the cold war being just a big bluff on both sides. And becouse "nothing's as bad as a Russian", we tended to turn to America as the land of freedom. Now, in the modern age of terrorism, we have seen this world show it's true face: there's no such powers like good or evil, there are just situations and last minute decisions. I speak of the global situation and politics, of course. I know this does not have that big impact on individuals, you can find great people anywhere, you can find dicks anywhere.

  3. Ok, when you say, "America" you do mean the U.S., right? We are labeled free, but we are just as much at the mercy of our government as the rest of the world is to their monarchy, parliment ect.

    What do you think makes the U.S. "free" compared to your side of the world?

  4. Oh, yeah, sorry. In here it's kinda inbuilt, that America means U.S., and if you're going somewhere else, you're going to Canada or Mexico or whatever. In my opinion you're not, that is just the illusion people have. It's the same American Dream in progress, every kid believes that once the get across the sea, they'll be something big and beautiful. Probably the truth is that their dream would get buried under minimum wage jobs and some crackhead would rob them as soon as they'd land.

    U.S. as a country seems to be quite free when it comes to war. No one has the balls to say that what you do is wrong. But I've grown to understand that U.S. needs war, so it can keep on making ridiculous demands on it's people and keep it under special circumstances all the time. As long as you country is in war, it can keep on forgetting it's own problems and fixing other's.

  5. I can dig it! Don't get me wrong, I love the place I live, I just hate the people in charge. I sort of feel like the U.S (we also call it America, I just didn't want to be presumptuous) takes on more than we can chew. Our economy isn't too swell, as far as our standards go, and jobs are few and far between for the citizens. So I personally think we should be doing less in other countries and focus more here. I don't know if that's selfish or just like a mother protecting her young. I can't decide.
    What we read about the wars we are fighting all the wars we fought in, I can't help but feel that we are the big bully of the world, even though we are China's bitch. I'm ranting now. Sorry haha at least I'll spare you reptilian people theory!

  6. Yup, I've heard about reptilians and illuminatis and all that jazz :) Great source of inspiration when you need to write six-seven songs in a day. I think culturally there's no other place like yours, it just has everything and no one owns anything. Pretty much what we have going on with the grindcore right now, but still, it's sad to see how some certain people try to suck every drop of money or blood out of everything. There was music before business. There we're paintings before the first one was sold.

    I think the boom on globalization is about to die in our hearts, becouse although it has connected us all in a way that could have never before been possible, it has also brought us all the misery and suffering of the world. And we can't handle it, no matter how full of love and comfort we are, it's just too much. And this "nationalist", let's-take-care-of-our-own-things-first -movement seems also to be global. It's going on all around Europe and in the Middle East, probably soon enough there too. It's not racist or aggressive everywhere, mostly it's just worried, but in times like these, the right wing dickfaces can easily suck support from fear. This is something that worries me, becouse now we have easier access to anything dangerous, than even a decade ago. Meaning handguns, bombs, shit like that.

  7. Are you in some kind of band or something? Thats a lot of songs to write.
    Only because every kind of culture exists in this 'melting pot' but we have no official culture. I feel disconnected in some way still though, becuase its really just a bunch of heresay.

    Everyone only really cares about themselves, everyone just fakes 'caring' and there is always a underlying motive to why 'we' do the things we do.

  8. Yeah,those are the downside of continuous competition and culture that's only goal is to rise above others. What's great about the States is also it's greatest weakness: controversies. Everyone has a chance to succeed,but only one in a million really does. I'm not talking about hollywood, but I believe most of those people are unhappy too.

    Yeah, we have this grindcore/punk band Cut To Fit. Songs are short, fast, and usually I try to have a point in them. Music can be found from and lyrics from my other blog texts out of context.