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I was randomly watching TV at work last night, and saw this interview with our former president. The one that caused fuzz because the interviewer DID NOT WEAR A TIE during the interview. His comment: "I really did not take the time to think about it." Why the fuck should he? This, no matter how interesting it may appear to be for some of you, is not what caught my attention. It was the fact that our former president Mauno Koivisto is now 87 years old. They discussed about his youth, and his words were something that gave my thinking-wheel a good spin. I realised that we live in completely different worlds. And this can be best seen on the one thing that is common to both worlds: Work.

Work is the necessary evil that can serve us good, or dig our holes well before our time. It is up to you which kind of work you do. I think work in general is a good thing, becouse we need SOMETHING to do with our hands, or we get bored, and when we get bored we start to depress, gloom and reflect our lives too much. Voltaire presents in Candide, that men we're created to work, and to some extent I can understand this. I come from the hillbilly background. I lived on the countryside, where people do physical, heavy work, and all that work is the least you can do to keep your house warm, feed your family and yourself, and to maybe sell some goods to make some money. It's not much, but it keeps you out of the streets.

The thing is that the work may be heavy, but the atmosphere is not. People are smiling and helping their neighbourghs, laughing and joking, making the most out of their chores. It IS like straight out of some communist painting from Soviet Russia. I know, becouse I've been there. There's no one counting hours or watching behind your back, and if the work gets too heavy, there's some people to share your frustration with. This world still exists, but it's vanishing in to thin air.

This world is making way to another. The present day. The present day that represents the future days to come. Gone are the days when there would be a sign on the fence " A PAINTER NEEDED" and the first applying would get the job. Now you need to be qualified for such tasks, which means you need to educate yourself as much as you can, to qualify as many jobs as possible, to make the most out of your effort. Our jobs have become physically lighter, but that, instead of making our lives easier, has made us all even more unhappy. In the end of Voltaire's Candide, when the main character's have achieved the goals they fought (and travelled throughout the world) for, and realise they have no money and have to settle down, they start living in a small house. Soon enough they become better and start hating each other and their habbits, until they realise that need to cultivate their lands and find happiness in small things.

Now we are on our light jobs, growing fat and hating ourselves, breathing on to our co-worker's necks and reporting if someone's having it easier than us. All the energy we use hating our jobs and co-workers we could use on doing some more laid back work, it could be even heavier work, and it would not be any worse for us. The pressure to succeed is higher than ever. We have a need to be something we are not. We have a need to be perfect in the eyes of the others. We need to be the employee of the month! We need to compete on who has the biggest cars, the most hours in his jobcard, the most beautiful bitch in bed, you name it, we compare it! We are cursed by ourselves, and the others too. We are cursed to become from beautiful, colourful birds to bitter and ugly vultures. We forget our ideals, consider them naive and stupid, and start envying people who still have both courage and will to be naive and stupid and full of ideals.

We all need to relax. If you are not happy with your job, quit it. You can always get something else to do. Something you really want to do. Let's see the factories and machines do their maintenance by themselves. No one should be scared of their boss. No one should be burned out by the age of 40. Don't settle for half-assed solutions. Give your best shot, enjoy your life. It is the only-fucking-one you have. I think we should change the current system completely. I think we should build trust and work with people we enjoy working with.

I consider Cut To Fit as somewhat work. Not the kind of work you all do, cursing it as the ball and the chain tied to your ankle, but the kind of work that keeps you alive and vital, sets you some goals to achieve and makes your life worth living. This is the only "job" I can imagine doing all my life. Everything else around this will be temporary, short-term jobs to pay some of the bills and all that other meaningless shit. I am not here to build some "career" in some factory, and no one should work in such environment for more than five years of his/her/it's life. It wears you out before you know. And if you have settled for a job you hate, the settling for other things you hate kinda squirms in to your life. Until you hate your life.

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