lauantai 12. maaliskuuta 2011

Tsunami and meltdown

Tsunami in Japan, tragedy. What concerns me more is the meltdown of the core in the nuclear powerplant on Fukushima. I know Japan had the old technology and they have had some notes on that too, maybe now they believe. But I also know that it's easy to say from where we are standing that it was becouse of the fact they did not listen to our preachings and warnings. But I dare to say, that we have exactly the same problems on our plants, and we are just as exposed to such threats, as are the Japanese. In the world of capitalism we try to save on every fucking thing, especially there where we should be extra careful. I know that if there would be something alike, we'd be completely fucked. People who built our plants say of course that you can fly a plane straight to it, and it would not have a scratch on it's concrete shelter, but how many fucking mistakes must we witness before we believe, that we are building nuclear bombs to keep us warm?

We should be more independent, reduce our consumption of electricity, I would be okay if this meant we'd need to turn the lights off at 8 o'clock, as they always use as an example. Maybe I'd light a candle and read a book. Maybe I'd go outside and have a nice walk. Life would go on on. Nuclear power is mainly efficient and safe. But when it goes wrong, it usually goes wrong big time, and that is in my opinion too enormous price to pay. Probably we seal this reactor as we sealed Chernobyl, and forget about it. This ignorance goes on until another meltdown. Then we seal that off too, and build new ones, our new ones become the old ones and their technology will get old and outdated, and this will start all over again. For how long? If we manage to survive for another thousand years, will we be living in some concrete and iron garden, 100 meters above the ground, letting the lower class people survive on the ground and have a utopic (or dystopic, as it appears to me) perfect world of iron and artificial plants. I'm exaggerating. Of course I am. I'm painting pictures. I'm Kanye West. Lyrical genious, wordsmith!

If there'd be a higher purpose or determinist plan to the world, I'd believe the nuclear power was granted to us, to help the nature wipe us off with less effort. I can't help thinking that we kinda stumbled upon it and took everything out of it before we even knew what we have in our hands, and it can be deadly. Maybe evolution will mutate us enough to become immune to radiation. It better do that, for we are never going to get rid of it.

Now I saw something disturbing. There was an earthquake going on in some company's building, and this guy with a camera runs around and empties desks from important documents and papers. No fucking piece of paper should be more important than your fucking life! I resent people who value money, and their working place and it's reputation over their life, and I know this is quite usual not only in Japan, but all over the world. Big companies OWN their workers whether they are working or not. Modern slavery, instead of states it's done by companies, and it does not discriminate you by color. It owns us all. This was just an side comment when I saw that little rat run for his important papers, from room to room, instead of trying to find a safe place and SURVIVE.

This is terrible, but not unexpected. At least to me it is becoming more and more clear, that 2012 or not, this sort of disaster will become more common. People will die, and the nature will show us our place. It's sad so many people have to die. I think people should stay on the move if we wanted to survive. I don't even understand why are the majority of people living in the smallest countries near tectonic plates, where they are more likely to get killed by natural disasters. Maybe they just don't realise it. I certainly believe they have no nationalist agenda. They have no money, they should have nothing to lose. Move. Keep on moving. learning and experiencing, and you'll survive.

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