sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

Something to download, something to read

From the link above you can download our sold out Grind/11, and also the latest achievement, half an hour sludge-piece Fire Works. Enjoy the grind madness and the sludge sadness!

Still nothing new about the Babylon Burns release, but hope to get it out as soon as possible. We are currently working on some new material, but we decided to take it REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLL Slow this time, which in our case probably means two or three months. Maybe going to do a split with someone next. That would be cool!

Lately I've been ignoring the world around me. Every time I open my ears or eyes, it's either about our upcoming parliament election speculations or some rants against immigration. Or something stupid Jyrki Katainen, our current Finance minister has said. He is practically EU's pet, wigging his tail and doing tricks on their command, licking Union's sperm off his plate and guiding us onwards to even more restricted and controlled society, where you have as little freedoms as possible, and more work than you can handle. His will is that we all give up to his plans, and sacrifice our lives to build "a better society". Better for who? For those who are doing quite fine already, so thank you very fucking much. Increasing the everyday taxes we have to deal with our little money instead of taking more taxes with the ones with way too much of it really did the trick.

Kokoomus, which is the party in power at the moment, hopefully not for long, even established a web page where they correct "false news" about their actions and decisions. There's that fucking face, smiling, talking with his calming, "seeking-for-compromise-between-opposing-views" tone of voice, trying to prevaricate his way into your mind and tell you it's all right, just open your mouth, and swallow. We are the ones to say NO. Fuck you, Fuck your powertrip, fuck your no-sleep-till-you're-dead-politics and work-breed-work-die society. We have grown sick of your shit, and we'll cut ourselves out of your heap shit society. If you have to vote, please vote against them, and DO NOT vote the moronic joke. (Perussuomalaiset.) They don't even understand what are they sticking their fingers into, and can do only harm. If over 50% of population decided not to vote, they can't claim that "they are sleeping voters". If half of population DECIDES NOT TO VOTE, it is their way of informing you that THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH and are willing to make a difference, that does not include any of you.

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