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So, let's talk about this bitch for a second...

The video seems to be removed by Googletube (WE DID NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS BEFORE YOU.) But it contained about three minutes of a rich kid stating that god is loving and good for wiping 12 000 people (most likely as many christians, as there was shintoists, buddhists and atheists) off the face of the earth.

First of all, I'd like to note that I am aware of the fact that all christian believers are not this stupid. I apologize you have to always be this poorly represented to the world, but it's always the loud minority that gets the attention. The attention whores. I think this sort of people are damaging all religions, and there's this sort of people in atheists too, those who blindly take everything as granted, without a doubt and their own thought about the state of things. But what the fuck is going on with this bitch's mind?! She truly claims that GOD answerred some prayers by killing thousands of people?

What happened to the loving Christian god, and to the good ol' Jesus with turning cheeks and loving your enemies? Those too long bearded fellas who'd welcome anyone of us to their loving arms if we'd just believe in them? Where's the love and compassion and comfort in this sort of behaviour? Some all-mighty being of love answerred the prayers of the people who wanted a proof of HIS existence for THEIR own sake by killing thousands of people, many of them probably believing in him too? I really don't see the point in this. For those who don't know where I stand, I believe Jesus was a nice guy with good intention, but he got fucked in the ass by his followers, who took his words out of context, exaggerated his good deeds and formed a person worshipping cult around his legacy. I believe Jesus would agree with me on this: CHRISTIANITY SHOULD NOT EXIST. It's a silly little twist in our history, that has just changed every single thing it has ever affected to something completely else. If people would have listened to Jesus instead of raising him on some pedestal, the world would be a better place. But now we have to deal with these "true believers" with as much as brain as the steroid monsters on your local gym.

This sort of extremism, at least to me, does not differ from the islamic "terrorism" Americans tend to be so deeply afraid of. In fact, these things seem to have pretty much in common. Think about it: Something terrible happens, like 9/11 for instance, and there's this long bearded scary looking motherfucker holding and video conference in soem cave in some hidden place in the Middle East, claiming that this horrible incident was something his group did, and it's a proof that the infidels must die. Here, the scene differs, mainly changing the old scary dude to a slighlty over-spoiled, well-fed rich kid, in her own bed room posting a video on the YouTube, that her God was the one behind all this, and she and other prayers were responsible for this. If that is not being extremist, I don't know what is. This earthquake/Tsunami has already killed at least 1500 people, and the death toll will rise. It will rise pretty much, I'm afraid.

If there'd be a any sort of god, with or without all the medieval "fire & brimstone" bullshit, I think the japanese people, who are either followers OR potential customers (we LIVE in the world of capitalism, so why not have a capitalist god, too?) would be rather bad targets to hit. That, my friends, would be some shitty marketing on the god's side. How many survivors would think that this sort of god could quarantee to keep them safe, if he is a bit hasty on slamming down all the new, possible believers. And if we pull out some statistics...

..It does not look good for this god of love and compassion.

Of course I'm amplifying some minor details. But let me remind you, that this IS the internet, and I want you to THINK with your own brains. I think christianity is as good or bad as a religion as any other, except it has no justification for it's existance, becouse Jesus never told anyone to worship HIM as god or slaughter millions of people who tend to think it would be a bit funny to have a human being as a son of god. That's some wacky shit. But human life is so limited and short, that I think everyone should find their own peace, and others should respect that peace. We are connected by the very foundational thing: mortality. We all will die, and although we tend to push it further, it is always ahead. It is important that we find an inner balance, some consensus of what we think about that, and how are we going to spend our time here. There are christian people too, who understand their religion, and help others, even their enemies, if they are in need. I am just sad to tell you, that this kind of religious people are a fast diminishing minority in this world of fear, paranoia and political correctness that slowly creep into our everyday life.

As I stated in the Cut To Fit song Fear The Earth, it's all the fucking same which kills us first, god, or science, or we ourselves, but we should not fear each other. We should embrace our humanity and reach some understanding. I'm not suggesting some tree hugging utopia with ganja and acid, but a better world built on trust and mutual respect. The nature is always something we can't predict or fully understand, becouse it's cycles are way too big for our limited understanding. I think we just happened to born to the age of some bigger cataclysm, that may go on for thousands of years, and we just need to hold on and try to make the best out of our rides.

What a jerk I am. Peace.


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