torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Radiation Sickness

Despite being good source of inspiration for twats such as myself, the situation at Fukushima plant fucking sucks. It's the outcome of bad choices in the past and going from where the fence is the cheapest. The officials in Japan had not listened to the warnings given and notes made, and now they pay for it. This may cause some collateral damage. And some unfortunate long term effects, for example the half life for Cesium-137 being thirty years. We have an enormous amount of nuclear power plants, and all though it is a safe energy source, it has some really demonic worst-case-scenarios (Checkout Fallout 3 :D ). And when it comes to mankind, I have noticed that we are actually pretty good in fucking things up and causing worst case scenarios.

But moving on to other things. Cut To Fit is running out of records to sell on gigs to get the gas money, and we'd rather let the next one grow a little bit before rushing into recording it (although we are doing some demo recordings next weekend), so we'll be printing some shirts at some point. I did some designs yesterday and they will be bad ass. Hopefully we can make em somewhere as cheap as possible and can keep the prices as low as possible. Maybe theses should be attached to price of gas somehow, a shirt costing 6-7 litres of gasoline. That would be fun to always check the prices on the nearest gas station and then hit the price to the merch table. Maybe not.

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