sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

No, wait a minute, those below were old, HERE'S something new

From the link above you'll find some songs we recorded yesterday and today, never before recorded, 6 new songs. These songs will also be on our next record some day, but until that we'll just burn this to CD-Rs and steal all your money! This is our devious plan to get some gas money on our shows. Speaking of which, here's list of our shows this spring at the moment:
-14.4.11 Varjobaari, Tampere
-27.4.11 The Rock Pub, Kokkola. SFD, Psykoanalyysi, Nistikko, Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu
-29.4.11 Cult Cinema, Tornio. Psykoanalyysi, Nistikko,Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu
-11.5.11 Torvi, Lahti.Casket, Paranauskas Mundo, Rebel Riot.
-2.7.11 at Helsinki
-9.7.2011 Grindcore party at Torvi.

After the last show we would really like to do a short european tour. No matter how small, one show and we are there! So if you can help as arrange this in any way, please contact

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