torstai 31. maaliskuuta 2011

Modern Consumerism & Music Business

I just finished reading Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater or Pearls Before Swine (1965) which helped me to understand the basis on which todays fucked up capitalism is built upon. This, instead of being something completely new to me, helped me to create a somewhat fuller picture of especially American capitalism and consumerism. I know it's just a novel by an author, exaggerated and blown out of proportion, but I believe that I, as a reader, am able to pick up the little pieces of truth and form a picture of some sort.

United States of America was a country based on freedom. Freed from the ties of their pasts, people colonializing it would all have equal chances and possibilities to become whatever they might wish to become. These people we're full of dreams and high hopes, that they'd raise their name above others, they would become something truthfully unique and special. This thrive for uniqueness, quite common among all mortal, self-acknowledging life forms, is a value that's easy to sell to people. You'll be a self-made man, and weaker people will say to their friends and families: "I want to be just like that guy."

Quite shortly after the founding fathers had put their names on the Declaration of Independence, things started to go wrong. Enterprises grew and swallowed smaller ones, grew bigger and started the on going process of inequalisation. Rich get richer, they fuck the poor, and poor poeple will get even more poor. Poverty is something that is described in thousands of books, mainly because most art is born through suffering, and an artist leading a big corporation used to be rare. Today it has become way more common, for example Bono fucks a poor person every time you blink your eyes. But back in the days, with the Orwell and Kurt Vonnegut and such, majority of the great artists lived through at least one World War and the post-war poverty and misery. So we have many great books describing poverty (try Orwell's Down and Out in Paris and London (1933), for example ).

Pearls Before Swine is set in America, in mid-sixties, in the "heat" of Cold War. It describes an America that despises things immoral and socialist. Everything needs to satisfy the capitalist minds sitting on top of the endless amounts of money, the corporate heads have invested their money on every possible loopholes they could legally find, and money and power define who you are. One of the heirs of such company decides to rebel and live along the poor, helping them and listening to their troubles, and there's a snake-like lawyer involved. The lawyer knows that if he can make their poor distant cousins want their money, he can steal enormous amounts of money for the legal help. They try to prove the contributor's mental state is not stable enough to handle such money, but in the end they lose becouse the main character "adopts" every fatherless child in his former community, letting them have all of the inheritance.

The book paints a picture of the world that was, in spite of being fictional on most parts. It describes the world as Kurt Vonnegut saw it, and it pretty much explains the situation we have in our hand today. For example almost all American media is owned by FIVE (5) different companies. The biggest have swallowed the smaller ones, there's practically no competition, which was the driving force of early capitalism. When there's no competition, it needs to find new goals. What might these new goals be? Profit, consumerism and profit. You need to consume materia, you need to consume harmless music, you need to consume their opinions without altering them, becouse any possible competition in their scale, offering better options, would probably demolish the base it stands on.

And as I have happily noted, such change is on it's way. It is called PIRACY, and as every doomsday prophet has counted, music business is drawing is last breaths before it's death. practically piracy is nothing but somewhat communist opponent to music BUSINESS. It says what's yours, is mine. Of course this does not work in the real, actual world, becouse we musicians still need to pay the rent and buy some food, which seems not to be in our global posession. But I am willing to live hand-to-mouth, if it means music BUSINESS will die. Fuck it. Let it burn. That is NOT the end of music. There was music thousands of years before the business came along, and in my opinion we do not need it. This separates musicians from the businessmen, when you need to start doing shit YOURSELF. I hope you see my point, as Henry Rollins keeps saying "I'd rather be heard than paid." You can download our music and I don't give a shit, if possible, come see us live, maybe buy a t-shirt to help us get back home, and let's just have a great time! This is serious stuff, but it's just life, you should not take it too seriously becouse you will die anyway and you have time to ponder things when you're old and alone in your retirement home and no one will never remember who you are and what did you do in your time.

maanantai 21. maaliskuuta 2011

Anarchism in practical society based on trust.

Disclaimer: This system without the real system in it is completely imaginery and symbolic, and will not work, just like any other system we have tried through the history of mankind. It is as pure and naive as was Marx's communism or Hitler's perfect nationalist world, but mine's definately better (, see!?). I just tried to create a happier utopia to this constant dystopia we live in. It is alse WAAAAY shorter than Communist Manifest to meet the limitations of the youth that roams through the internet and "has no time to waste" on reading.

- It's a society based on trust. Nobody is watching or controlling you, there's no bureaucracy and no one keeps statistical records of anything. Therefore there's no need to compete or compare things competitivly. There is no higher authority and your conflicts are always your conflicts, and they are settled instantly when they occur in order to maintain somewhat peace. There's no grudge when you solve your problems instantly, and do not put your own balls under the hammer. There's no peer pressure in such situations, it is just to maintain your peace of mind. People are treated as intelligent individuals and are in charge of their own spiritual growth and physical well-being. The ideal is to constantly evolve and compete against yourself, to become a better human being.

-There's no actual jobs with salaries or bonuses, everyone works to keep their mind healthy and they do whatever they are truly good at, and have passion for. Everyone finds something they like to do, and everyone can do something, the problem in our current society is that we just try to force everyone else, especially those with lower level of interest or education, to do our shitjobs. These people too would have some potential at something else (for example a troubled teenager could have a passion for carpentry, which is suffocated for we need more people on the factories). There would always be someone around to teach you what they've learned. Main thing is to adapt to your changing surroundings, be flexible and it pays you back. You specialize on something and do that stuff for other's, and in exchange they help you out when you need it. Everyone lives in same sort of houses, that are build by those who have the will and the skill to build houses. Everyone owns everything, and nothing, but there's a possibility to have more too. In order to have more things than others, you must understand that it does not make you any better than others, and the materia does not represent you or your status on society. It is just mere materia, and you must be willing to give it away in situations when someone else needs it more (for example someone's house burns down, natural disasters, anything like that). If you truly understand this, you can "work extra" and earn more stuff/services/whatever than people around you. People around you do not envy you, for they know having more stuff does not make you any better.

-All trade, when needed, is basically exchanging, and it happens in everyday basis. You don't have what you don't need. You do not take what you don't want. You don't evern realize all of the exchange done, whether it's information, education, building a house, seeing a doctor, going through surgery, you just get help when you need it, and don't bother people if they have better things to do.

-Every individual is on it's own and in full response of itself. You'll have to survive and work and be a part of this group-of-people-not-belonging-together. If you face a lowpoint of your life, a disaster, house burns down, whatever, the collective will help you back to square one and ou can start over. It is all based on trust of how we are thrown into this world and all we have is other mortal beings. That is why we need to have compassion and understanding for those "weaker" than some. People live in small communitites that are free to form their own democratic "non-parliaments". Non, becouse they are just forming guidelines for what people should do next, every vote and opinion counts, and things are truly discussed instead of giving a minute to every matter. The "power" does not form an elite, becouse it changes on a monthly basis, and everyone gets to be "the king" and the poor. This sort of short cycle keeps all the different paths open and all the different ways of doing things on the table. People can always try new ways to solve old problems. There's a leader only for having one extra vote in case of ties, to solve the situation. People are told to do what in the name of utilitarism is right, for they are all in the same boat. People have their own areas of expertise, and their opinions are valued.

-Worst of punishments is exclusion from the "society". Excluded people can form another "society" outside, probably the main reason was they did not just get along with the people, and they can find other people they truly get along with, and start over. Other punishments are mainly small physical or mental punishments, and the threat of bigger punishment. A threat of violence is usually more efficient than actual discipline.

-Everyone has a freedom to believe or not believe in anything they want. There's just one simple rule: KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. Everyone's free to practise their religion and rituals in anyways they want until it starts affecting others. Philosophical argumentation and discussion between different religions is more than welcome, but it should focus on what unites religions and their message, instead of pointing out all the meaningless little differences, as we do here today.

-Of course this sort of unconnected and armless society would seem like and easy target to anyone outside, a short term war and invasion while conquering some other country in the mean time. Becouse of this, every community should have Abbie Hoffman's Steal This Book! (1971), especially the part with bombs and anarchy, as somewhat safty instructions. The point being that every person can be turned in to a stealth soldier, living in the woods with only maggots and dirt, letting the napalm rain upon the invaders and letting them crawl in their own intestines, screaming for help. Some shaolin warrior monk shit, you know. If some of the communions starts to seem a threat, it can be leveled back to square one (demolishing infrastructure, not harming a single people) to teach it a lesson.

-Every individual has the freedom to do as they please, believe in what they want, have all the friends and happiness in the world. They just need to acknowledge, that if they decide to harm others, the natural Karma or whatever will take care of it. Not becouse they should believe in Karma, but becouse they are aware of the world history, and KNOW that every shitty decision to harm others has alway been punished in the long run, this sort of temptation would not even occur. The main problem in our world today in my opinion is that we try to bury the history and repeat the mantra "we know better, that does not happen to us" until the shit hits the fan. If people are aware of mankinds past, the can reflect it on their everyday lives and learn from it.

This should not be too hard, in my opinion. Way simplier than we have to go through today.

sunnuntai 20. maaliskuuta 2011

No, wait a minute, those below were old, HERE'S something new

From the link above you'll find some songs we recorded yesterday and today, never before recorded, 6 new songs. These songs will also be on our next record some day, but until that we'll just burn this to CD-Rs and steal all your money! This is our devious plan to get some gas money on our shows. Speaking of which, here's list of our shows this spring at the moment:
-14.4.11 Varjobaari, Tampere
-27.4.11 The Rock Pub, Kokkola. SFD, Psykoanalyysi, Nistikko, Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu
-29.4.11 Cult Cinema, Tornio. Psykoanalyysi, Nistikko,Kolmannen Asteen Kuulustelu
-11.5.11 Torvi, Lahti.Casket, Paranauskas Mundo, Rebel Riot.
-2.7.11 at Helsinki
-9.7.2011 Grindcore party at Torvi.

After the last show we would really like to do a short european tour. No matter how small, one show and we are there! So if you can help as arrange this in any way, please contact

perjantai 18. maaliskuuta 2011

Here's something new

A short review of Hiljaisuus and Grind/11 together, and there's going to be an interview of some sort soon too. YOU CAN ALSO DOWNLOAD BOTH RECORDINGS FROM THAT LINK, FOR WE HAVE BOTH OF THEM SOLD OUT. Enjoy.

torstai 17. maaliskuuta 2011

Radiation Sickness

Despite being good source of inspiration for twats such as myself, the situation at Fukushima plant fucking sucks. It's the outcome of bad choices in the past and going from where the fence is the cheapest. The officials in Japan had not listened to the warnings given and notes made, and now they pay for it. This may cause some collateral damage. And some unfortunate long term effects, for example the half life for Cesium-137 being thirty years. We have an enormous amount of nuclear power plants, and all though it is a safe energy source, it has some really demonic worst-case-scenarios (Checkout Fallout 3 :D ). And when it comes to mankind, I have noticed that we are actually pretty good in fucking things up and causing worst case scenarios.

But moving on to other things. Cut To Fit is running out of records to sell on gigs to get the gas money, and we'd rather let the next one grow a little bit before rushing into recording it (although we are doing some demo recordings next weekend), so we'll be printing some shirts at some point. I did some designs yesterday and they will be bad ass. Hopefully we can make em somewhere as cheap as possible and can keep the prices as low as possible. Maybe theses should be attached to price of gas somehow, a shirt costing 6-7 litres of gasoline. That would be fun to always check the prices on the nearest gas station and then hit the price to the merch table. Maybe not.

maanantai 14. maaliskuuta 2011

So, let's talk about this bitch for a second...

The video seems to be removed by Googletube (WE DID NOT HAVE THESE PROBLEMS BEFORE YOU.) But it contained about three minutes of a rich kid stating that god is loving and good for wiping 12 000 people (most likely as many christians, as there was shintoists, buddhists and atheists) off the face of the earth.

First of all, I'd like to note that I am aware of the fact that all christian believers are not this stupid. I apologize you have to always be this poorly represented to the world, but it's always the loud minority that gets the attention. The attention whores. I think this sort of people are damaging all religions, and there's this sort of people in atheists too, those who blindly take everything as granted, without a doubt and their own thought about the state of things. But what the fuck is going on with this bitch's mind?! She truly claims that GOD answerred some prayers by killing thousands of people?

What happened to the loving Christian god, and to the good ol' Jesus with turning cheeks and loving your enemies? Those too long bearded fellas who'd welcome anyone of us to their loving arms if we'd just believe in them? Where's the love and compassion and comfort in this sort of behaviour? Some all-mighty being of love answerred the prayers of the people who wanted a proof of HIS existence for THEIR own sake by killing thousands of people, many of them probably believing in him too? I really don't see the point in this. For those who don't know where I stand, I believe Jesus was a nice guy with good intention, but he got fucked in the ass by his followers, who took his words out of context, exaggerated his good deeds and formed a person worshipping cult around his legacy. I believe Jesus would agree with me on this: CHRISTIANITY SHOULD NOT EXIST. It's a silly little twist in our history, that has just changed every single thing it has ever affected to something completely else. If people would have listened to Jesus instead of raising him on some pedestal, the world would be a better place. But now we have to deal with these "true believers" with as much as brain as the steroid monsters on your local gym.

This sort of extremism, at least to me, does not differ from the islamic "terrorism" Americans tend to be so deeply afraid of. In fact, these things seem to have pretty much in common. Think about it: Something terrible happens, like 9/11 for instance, and there's this long bearded scary looking motherfucker holding and video conference in soem cave in some hidden place in the Middle East, claiming that this horrible incident was something his group did, and it's a proof that the infidels must die. Here, the scene differs, mainly changing the old scary dude to a slighlty over-spoiled, well-fed rich kid, in her own bed room posting a video on the YouTube, that her God was the one behind all this, and she and other prayers were responsible for this. If that is not being extremist, I don't know what is. This earthquake/Tsunami has already killed at least 1500 people, and the death toll will rise. It will rise pretty much, I'm afraid.

If there'd be a any sort of god, with or without all the medieval "fire & brimstone" bullshit, I think the japanese people, who are either followers OR potential customers (we LIVE in the world of capitalism, so why not have a capitalist god, too?) would be rather bad targets to hit. That, my friends, would be some shitty marketing on the god's side. How many survivors would think that this sort of god could quarantee to keep them safe, if he is a bit hasty on slamming down all the new, possible believers. And if we pull out some statistics...

..It does not look good for this god of love and compassion.

Of course I'm amplifying some minor details. But let me remind you, that this IS the internet, and I want you to THINK with your own brains. I think christianity is as good or bad as a religion as any other, except it has no justification for it's existance, becouse Jesus never told anyone to worship HIM as god or slaughter millions of people who tend to think it would be a bit funny to have a human being as a son of god. That's some wacky shit. But human life is so limited and short, that I think everyone should find their own peace, and others should respect that peace. We are connected by the very foundational thing: mortality. We all will die, and although we tend to push it further, it is always ahead. It is important that we find an inner balance, some consensus of what we think about that, and how are we going to spend our time here. There are christian people too, who understand their religion, and help others, even their enemies, if they are in need. I am just sad to tell you, that this kind of religious people are a fast diminishing minority in this world of fear, paranoia and political correctness that slowly creep into our everyday life.

As I stated in the Cut To Fit song Fear The Earth, it's all the fucking same which kills us first, god, or science, or we ourselves, but we should not fear each other. We should embrace our humanity and reach some understanding. I'm not suggesting some tree hugging utopia with ganja and acid, but a better world built on trust and mutual respect. The nature is always something we can't predict or fully understand, becouse it's cycles are way too big for our limited understanding. I think we just happened to born to the age of some bigger cataclysm, that may go on for thousands of years, and we just need to hold on and try to make the best out of our rides.

What a jerk I am. Peace.


Cut To Fit on Bandcamp, live footage on Youtube

I added Cut To Fit on Bandcamp too, , to find an alternative for myspace, but I must say that I'm not convinced. The thing that bugs me with myspace at all is the suckass-facebook-based-flash-hell, and I've tried to find something old school and simple, before the times anyone gave a fuck about their "friends" recent activities in this web of social, polite lies. I tried to find an alternative, but I find just different clones of the same pile of shit. They all suck. I've turned to ReverbNation now, I hope it'll be better. Bandcamp seems too straight forward BUYTHIS, at least at first.

I also added video from our show from Pub Katse, Jyväskylä. It went well, we decided to rehearse some oldies and play them more, alongside with newer songs. Last weekend we played for something like a year. At least it felt like a year, when I was standing there on the stage, waiting for the sound dude to change the cable of the microphone after it broke. We wrecked too cables and an adapter to the bass distortion pedal. Luckily enough our own. So without any further bullshit, it's here.

lauantai 12. maaliskuuta 2011

Tsunami and meltdown

Tsunami in Japan, tragedy. What concerns me more is the meltdown of the core in the nuclear powerplant on Fukushima. I know Japan had the old technology and they have had some notes on that too, maybe now they believe. But I also know that it's easy to say from where we are standing that it was becouse of the fact they did not listen to our preachings and warnings. But I dare to say, that we have exactly the same problems on our plants, and we are just as exposed to such threats, as are the Japanese. In the world of capitalism we try to save on every fucking thing, especially there where we should be extra careful. I know that if there would be something alike, we'd be completely fucked. People who built our plants say of course that you can fly a plane straight to it, and it would not have a scratch on it's concrete shelter, but how many fucking mistakes must we witness before we believe, that we are building nuclear bombs to keep us warm?

We should be more independent, reduce our consumption of electricity, I would be okay if this meant we'd need to turn the lights off at 8 o'clock, as they always use as an example. Maybe I'd light a candle and read a book. Maybe I'd go outside and have a nice walk. Life would go on on. Nuclear power is mainly efficient and safe. But when it goes wrong, it usually goes wrong big time, and that is in my opinion too enormous price to pay. Probably we seal this reactor as we sealed Chernobyl, and forget about it. This ignorance goes on until another meltdown. Then we seal that off too, and build new ones, our new ones become the old ones and their technology will get old and outdated, and this will start all over again. For how long? If we manage to survive for another thousand years, will we be living in some concrete and iron garden, 100 meters above the ground, letting the lower class people survive on the ground and have a utopic (or dystopic, as it appears to me) perfect world of iron and artificial plants. I'm exaggerating. Of course I am. I'm painting pictures. I'm Kanye West. Lyrical genious, wordsmith!

If there'd be a higher purpose or determinist plan to the world, I'd believe the nuclear power was granted to us, to help the nature wipe us off with less effort. I can't help thinking that we kinda stumbled upon it and took everything out of it before we even knew what we have in our hands, and it can be deadly. Maybe evolution will mutate us enough to become immune to radiation. It better do that, for we are never going to get rid of it.

Now I saw something disturbing. There was an earthquake going on in some company's building, and this guy with a camera runs around and empties desks from important documents and papers. No fucking piece of paper should be more important than your fucking life! I resent people who value money, and their working place and it's reputation over their life, and I know this is quite usual not only in Japan, but all over the world. Big companies OWN their workers whether they are working or not. Modern slavery, instead of states it's done by companies, and it does not discriminate you by color. It owns us all. This was just an side comment when I saw that little rat run for his important papers, from room to room, instead of trying to find a safe place and SURVIVE.

This is terrible, but not unexpected. At least to me it is becoming more and more clear, that 2012 or not, this sort of disaster will become more common. People will die, and the nature will show us our place. It's sad so many people have to die. I think people should stay on the move if we wanted to survive. I don't even understand why are the majority of people living in the smallest countries near tectonic plates, where they are more likely to get killed by natural disasters. Maybe they just don't realise it. I certainly believe they have no nationalist agenda. They have no money, they should have nothing to lose. Move. Keep on moving. learning and experiencing, and you'll survive.

tiistai 8. maaliskuuta 2011


I was randomly watching TV at work last night, and saw this interview with our former president. The one that caused fuzz because the interviewer DID NOT WEAR A TIE during the interview. His comment: "I really did not take the time to think about it." Why the fuck should he? This, no matter how interesting it may appear to be for some of you, is not what caught my attention. It was the fact that our former president Mauno Koivisto is now 87 years old. They discussed about his youth, and his words were something that gave my thinking-wheel a good spin. I realised that we live in completely different worlds. And this can be best seen on the one thing that is common to both worlds: Work.

Work is the necessary evil that can serve us good, or dig our holes well before our time. It is up to you which kind of work you do. I think work in general is a good thing, becouse we need SOMETHING to do with our hands, or we get bored, and when we get bored we start to depress, gloom and reflect our lives too much. Voltaire presents in Candide, that men we're created to work, and to some extent I can understand this. I come from the hillbilly background. I lived on the countryside, where people do physical, heavy work, and all that work is the least you can do to keep your house warm, feed your family and yourself, and to maybe sell some goods to make some money. It's not much, but it keeps you out of the streets.

The thing is that the work may be heavy, but the atmosphere is not. People are smiling and helping their neighbourghs, laughing and joking, making the most out of their chores. It IS like straight out of some communist painting from Soviet Russia. I know, becouse I've been there. There's no one counting hours or watching behind your back, and if the work gets too heavy, there's some people to share your frustration with. This world still exists, but it's vanishing in to thin air.

This world is making way to another. The present day. The present day that represents the future days to come. Gone are the days when there would be a sign on the fence " A PAINTER NEEDED" and the first applying would get the job. Now you need to be qualified for such tasks, which means you need to educate yourself as much as you can, to qualify as many jobs as possible, to make the most out of your effort. Our jobs have become physically lighter, but that, instead of making our lives easier, has made us all even more unhappy. In the end of Voltaire's Candide, when the main character's have achieved the goals they fought (and travelled throughout the world) for, and realise they have no money and have to settle down, they start living in a small house. Soon enough they become better and start hating each other and their habbits, until they realise that need to cultivate their lands and find happiness in small things.

Now we are on our light jobs, growing fat and hating ourselves, breathing on to our co-worker's necks and reporting if someone's having it easier than us. All the energy we use hating our jobs and co-workers we could use on doing some more laid back work, it could be even heavier work, and it would not be any worse for us. The pressure to succeed is higher than ever. We have a need to be something we are not. We have a need to be perfect in the eyes of the others. We need to be the employee of the month! We need to compete on who has the biggest cars, the most hours in his jobcard, the most beautiful bitch in bed, you name it, we compare it! We are cursed by ourselves, and the others too. We are cursed to become from beautiful, colourful birds to bitter and ugly vultures. We forget our ideals, consider them naive and stupid, and start envying people who still have both courage and will to be naive and stupid and full of ideals.

We all need to relax. If you are not happy with your job, quit it. You can always get something else to do. Something you really want to do. Let's see the factories and machines do their maintenance by themselves. No one should be scared of their boss. No one should be burned out by the age of 40. Don't settle for half-assed solutions. Give your best shot, enjoy your life. It is the only-fucking-one you have. I think we should change the current system completely. I think we should build trust and work with people we enjoy working with.

I consider Cut To Fit as somewhat work. Not the kind of work you all do, cursing it as the ball and the chain tied to your ankle, but the kind of work that keeps you alive and vital, sets you some goals to achieve and makes your life worth living. This is the only "job" I can imagine doing all my life. Everything else around this will be temporary, short-term jobs to pay some of the bills and all that other meaningless shit. I am not here to build some "career" in some factory, and no one should work in such environment for more than five years of his/her/it's life. It wears you out before you know. And if you have settled for a job you hate, the settling for other things you hate kinda squirms in to your life. Until you hate your life.

sunnuntai 6. maaliskuuta 2011

Something to download, something to read

From the link above you can download our sold out Grind/11, and also the latest achievement, half an hour sludge-piece Fire Works. Enjoy the grind madness and the sludge sadness!

Still nothing new about the Babylon Burns release, but hope to get it out as soon as possible. We are currently working on some new material, but we decided to take it REEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAALLLL Slow this time, which in our case probably means two or three months. Maybe going to do a split with someone next. That would be cool!

Lately I've been ignoring the world around me. Every time I open my ears or eyes, it's either about our upcoming parliament election speculations or some rants against immigration. Or something stupid Jyrki Katainen, our current Finance minister has said. He is practically EU's pet, wigging his tail and doing tricks on their command, licking Union's sperm off his plate and guiding us onwards to even more restricted and controlled society, where you have as little freedoms as possible, and more work than you can handle. His will is that we all give up to his plans, and sacrifice our lives to build "a better society". Better for who? For those who are doing quite fine already, so thank you very fucking much. Increasing the everyday taxes we have to deal with our little money instead of taking more taxes with the ones with way too much of it really did the trick.

Kokoomus, which is the party in power at the moment, hopefully not for long, even established a web page where they correct "false news" about their actions and decisions. There's that fucking face, smiling, talking with his calming, "seeking-for-compromise-between-opposing-views" tone of voice, trying to prevaricate his way into your mind and tell you it's all right, just open your mouth, and swallow. We are the ones to say NO. Fuck you, Fuck your powertrip, fuck your no-sleep-till-you're-dead-politics and work-breed-work-die society. We have grown sick of your shit, and we'll cut ourselves out of your heap shit society. If you have to vote, please vote against them, and DO NOT vote the moronic joke. (Perussuomalaiset.) They don't even understand what are they sticking their fingers into, and can do only harm. If over 50% of population decided not to vote, they can't claim that "they are sleeping voters". If half of population DECIDES NOT TO VOTE, it is their way of informing you that THEY HAVE HAD ENOUGH and are willing to make a difference, that does not include any of you.