maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Texas, Guns, Keep Your Finger Off The Safety Pin

So Texas will probably allow University students bring guns to schools. Controversial indeed, for looking from my safe haven it seems to be just gun nuts making stupid decisions to ensure that school massacres will not diminish or decrease in bodycounts. Problem with this is that no one can truly say if it's a good decision or not. Only time will tell, and saddly enough, time in this case means bodies. Dead individuals who we're permitted to carry guns in public. Of course the best option in general would be the complete absence of guns, but I know it is not possible. Weapon/military/war industry is what United States of America is pretty much built on, and it will not just go away, becouse if someone has no guns, the other's do.

We have seen here in Finland, in our school massacre tradegies, that people without guns in such situations are nothing more than victims. Killer can move from class room to another, in search for harmless people that are unable to protect themselves for dozens of minutes, without any interruptions, becouse the first other guns to join the party come with the riot police. So he is in power, which pretty often is "the thing" in such activity. The weak taking over and turning the tables, the silent kids shooting their oppressors. The revenge of the underdog. I believe this is somewhat the state of mind they set themselves in. They find some justification for their action, they are not without consciousness. They make themselves believe they are doing a favor for mankind, or getting their peace of mind before they end their own life.

But are guns in schools really the solution? I believe not. The officials believe that everyone's capable of putting the attacker down if they have a gun with them. In Texas they probably are, I certainly don't underestimate the educational system a southern family can provide for their growing children. They can probably shoot guns before they can read or even talk. But being able to carry a gun, and pointing it towards another human being with an intention of killing him/her is a different thing. It is completely up to individual. We are all built with different set of wheels. And when you hear that there's a killer on the loose, killing your friends, but you don't know who he/she is, you panic. And when you panic, your whole body works in completely different way. And how do you know who of all the gunmen in your school is the real shooter? They can as well be the one who just shot the attacker, if you shoot him by accident, what then? I don't deny that this possibility can still prevent dozens of people from getting brutally slaughtered. But for so few pros there's too many cons.

This will without a doubt increase the level of paranoia in schools, and I think it's just the last thing we need in this world. More paranoid people to keep an eye on everyone else. We'd need to build trust instead of fear. Of course people in fear are easier to control, but if everyone has a gun, everyone become a possible threat. You are being given the tools, the fence is practically being torn down and stamped to the ground. One exaggerated misconception and wrong choice of words can turn anyone to a killer. In addition the panicing people will probably miss their attacker, and ricochet bullets can turn whole school to a saloon of a old spaghetti-western with everyone just blindfiring at something they thought just threatened their life. Eventually the whole school will be a tensed environment, with everyone at gunpoint, which will disturb the very thing people go to schools in the first place: education.

I know Texas is famous of it's moronic gunlaws anyway, and I don't claim to have any expertise or insight on anything, but I spent my youth around guns, and they neither traumatized me nor made me feel comfortable. They certainly did not build my sense of safety in the house. I think people should just really think is that what we need to prevent school massacres from happening and kids from getting their brains blown out. This will just end up with the guns being used in other minor conflicts, and killers having to come up with more innovative ways to kill more people faster. And I think it's a wrong road to take if we even want to consider what every Miss-insert-a-state-or-country-or-province seems to strive for:"WORLD PEACE."

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