maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

"So this is how it begins..."

Today I decided to start writing in English again. It just seemed to be a natural step to take, though before this I used to think that if a man with three readers starts to write in english, the three readers start thinking his ego took over. Then I realized that why the fuck not? I seem to have somewhat message somewhere beneath these endless layers of shit I post, so why not spread it as far and loud as I possibly can? What use it really is to preach to the communion who only agrees, and pretty much know's what you're going to de next. I seemed to be again trapped inside the little box I was trying to escape. I know that box is only in my head, but does it really need to be anywhere else? The box I am referring to, is my inner fear of getting stuck in my ways, repeating myself over and over again, instead of focusing on creating something new. This is something you can witness in everything I happen to do. I do not want to repeat myself, and if I have to, I get bored easily. Things need to have their natural course and evolution. Things need to evolve. This goes with everything from music to writing, to understanding and to such things as riding bike. First you try and learn the basics, and then when you think you are capable of doing it, you take the training wheels off. Then you get bored with cycling and learn to do it without hands. Then you realise that it is still nothing more than cycling, and you have nothing to prove. Then you go back to plain cycling. The circle is complete. ZEN is found. Deathstar's been rebuilt.

I think a short introduction is in place in case you are just drunk on a saturday night and trembled upon some of the roots and threads of this blog. I am basically nobody. I was born in 1989, in a small town called Pertunmaa somewhere in Finland. Quiet countryside, truly the South Park of Finland. Maybe that is the reason I always felt so connected with that series anyway. That, and the fact that I've turned 8 the last 13 years. I find this world as an fascinating place filled with fascinating people. Me ( I scream and share my perception of reality), my brother ( is responsible of our one instrument string-ensemble, taking care of both high & low ends) and our best friend (the bongos) have a grindcore band called Cut To Fit, you can check it out at: . I also do this voodoo/blues/whatevermusic by myself, some songs van be heard at . I also do some cover artwork, gig posters, stickers and all that sort of visual shit, and that can be seen around . I also used to write there, and to get started I'll be adding some of those texts here too. I'll also add the Cut To Fit blogs from myspace, so you get the idea of what I am all about.

I am greatly inspired by music, philosophy, and the universe itself. I see sounds as colors. Since I was a kid, I have always been pretty lonely for I did not, and do not, drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke (I've noticed that smoking has a huge effect on your social abilities, this is one of the few good side of smoking. If you have no friends, start smoking.) so I had to amuse myself in other ways. I banged boards with hammers and broke bottles to make funny sounds. Now I scream and howl to make funny sounds, so nothing has changed.

Despite the fact I don't do drugs or drink, it has never been a problem to me watch others do. I consider myself somewhat clever, I know my brains work. Still I know that I am merely a kid, still learning things as they come. I know I'm naive. I know I don't know jack shit. But I know that I can listen and learn, and I can connect the dots and fill blank papers, I have things to say and I won't let anyone stop me. I will some day figure out how this world really works, and I will tell you all, you can be sure of that. I hate how every state under estimates it's citizens, thinks people are stupid and will follow any rules and orders, swallow every shit they happen to drop to our table. Needless to say I am more than happy to see the recent uprisings around the globe. That is the voice of the people saying what Rage Against The Machine said over a decade ago: "FUCK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!"

I think this world is in a verge of potential change for better, but things need to change. If you let the rich and beautiful decide again, guess what will change? Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Majority of the world lives in poverty while the few per cents own everyhting, and make you pay even for paying for the products you just made on the factory. This is something I can't swallow. I've seen people become animals, hanging on to their jobs and sacrificing everything they have, and then getting fired, when they have nothing besides the job they fought for. I'm not a working class hero. I don't have right answers. But I know what are the wrong ones, becouse we're holding them right in front of us. We need to set this set of lies on fire, burn this house down, and rebuild the world in some other way.

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