keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011

Obscene Extreme

Here's this little video made by Curby and his friends. It consists of our Obscene Extreme show, three songs included. These songs are Deathcore Sucks, Children Of The Cold War and Hiljaisuus, which are all songs we are quite leaving behind, for we have already released two recordings since Hiljaisuus, these just were more familiar to Vili, who was just learning to play drums. The guy had actually been a drummer for THREE FUCKING WEEKS during this. Quite a leap considering where we are now, half a year later. Notice, that time is 11.30, so the crowd is having serious hangover, suffering from dehydration and our noise. Maybe someday we get a better slot and you get to see us, grinding our asses to bruises.

This brings back so many memories, sleeping in the car, getting fed up with Latvia, burning my both arms ( I still look like fucking strawberry-chocolate-vanilla ice cream!), Having great time in Poland, seeing Victims, Misery Index and fucking D.R.I play while it was just pouring water from the sky! It was so fucking great! If you can help us arrange next summers European tour, know any people or club owners, please contact us at

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