tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

God's Away On Business...

So here's the thing with god and the devil... they don't really communicate, they don't interact with each other. And yes, there was a woman involved, Eve, the first of all the snakehandlers, who wasn't too good in her job, one might say. Well God was very fond of Eve, and the devil kinda distracted his favorite kid, so the god got quite mad and threw him down the stairs aaaall the way to hell. Since that, they have not spoken a single word, and this would have been Ok for the devil, you know, for he is kinda forgivin' fella, but God was unsatisfied with how calmly the devil accepted his situation, and wrote a book to mock him. And when someone just writes a book about his former friend, he usually ends up having an enemy.
Well, Eve got old and died, but she told her kids that God had just gone to buy some cigarettes and would be back any day now. So the kids waited. And they got old and they died. And so on, and so on. Once the devil tried to climb up and ask for understanding and caring, but god's children crusified and buried him.
Since that they have written their own parts to God's Big Black Book of Mockery and Guilt, which became popular all around the world, and kinda showed the devil in a bad light. And the kids are still waiting for their dad to run from that door with a new pack of cigarettes and embrace 'em and hold 'em in his arms.
But the God's away on business, the devil is bored and we are still looking at the door, although there has been no foot steps to be heard for over two thousand years. And we blame devil for that. We blame devil for everything, because in the Big Black Book of Mockery and Guilt taught us that he is the devil, evil with D in front of him. He truly keeps God chained in his basement and wants his kids to starve to death, for he is the king of all the snakes, and the ungod of suffering. And this devil is the reason to all our diseases and suffering. This is the story we keep repeating, but did anyone, except for the Big Black Book of Mockery and Guilt really tell us to suffer?

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