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Fundamentalism, religion, science

Fundamentalism has propably caused the majority of mankind's problems throughout our history. It seems that in times like these, when science has taken all the fun out of the myths we have kept as sacred truths, and life seems so damn depressing and pointless, we tend to turn to something new, something we don't know. This happened in ancient Rome, when Konstantinus raised christianity as it's main religion, and accidently kick-started the paranoid middleages. Things got medieval.

Science was replaced with fundamentalist Christian theology, and all philosophy was enslaved to prove biblical points, and defend it against all scienteific agendas, or to connect the vague dots between the two. This set the whole Europe waaaaaaaaaayyyy back from the Roman days, and it's funny how many people find this era so fascinating. Yeah, they had swords, but so had the romans. They lacked all the knowledge the ancient philosophers had given them on a silver plate. Christianity spread throughout Europe, even here in Finland, which was merely a pawn on the board of the western and eastern churches. So when they had killed enough of us, the rest decided it seemed wise to convert to this new religion. Still for a long time we kept our own elder gods of nature, and I believe my grandmother, who recently passed away, still believed in the powers of nature instead of any kind of resurrection. So it is still alive, but dying.

I'm not one of those guys who believe that science has all the answers and we should blindly take everything scientists hand us. Fuck no, science is a system that fixes itself all the time, and usually this takes hundreds of years, so we can't really claim to know anything. If we have learned anything, that's exactly what the old greek dudes with funny hair told us centuries ago: WE DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT! Science, today, is also a system funded by multinational corporations, and they decide exactly what studies are good, and what need to be "done again, becouse your laboratory is not professional enough" as was told to one antioxidant researcher who was repressed when he came up with the study that proved that antioxidants, although being good for you, won't stop your skin from aging. The business runs too much of our lives. Money has creeped into science, music, movies, politics, practically in every areas it should not fucking be! These important things, and decisions concerning the future of all this stuff, should be made by passion and with heart. Now they are decided by maximum profit and cold cash.

Fundamentalism takes fun out of mental ism's. Muslims are being labeled by the small group of extremeists, just like all christians are labeled by american hypocrite presidents, who in the name of god go to another country to fuck things up. They maybe did not realize, that their god is the same god, as is the jew god (which seems to be hard to understand to some of the religion-orientated neo-nazis I have seen) These three religions are practically the same, and I believe that Christianity over all got started by stupid people, who missed the point of Jesus, and should not exist in the first place. Sounds harsh? I explain why.

Jesus told his followers to spread the word of GOD, which in his opinion was love and mutual understanding, not to kill half of Europe to convert everyone to follow HIM. If he really would be "up there" (theres controversy in that too, but that's another story) looking at us, these last 2000 years would have been just endless facepalm for him. "DID YOU LISTEN TO A SINGLE FUCKING WORD I SAID!?" I don't even believe he said he was Messiah a single time in his life, couse I have a certain picture of him on my mind. He was propably all the good they say he was, but people fucked him up. They spread stories about a perfect human-being, some sort of super human that could do no wrong, and when this image got stronger, people started a cult to worship him. Eventually all this got a "bit" out of hand. Jews just did not want to admit that Jesus was the Messiah, which to me is all the fucking same, if there's a good person who willingly sacrifices himself for others and helps people you could listen to him, son of God or not.

I do not believe in anything, I think religions degrade people, but if somebody does, everyone should respect that. I have no problem with religious people, if they have no problem with me. Me not being religious does not mean I am not somewhat spiritual person. I have always felt connected with nature, it was my escape from situations that seemed hard to handle, or too terrible to face. I went out to the forest and just sat there for hours, maybe listening to some music, or just listening to the wind in the trees. That's what I call Voodoo, may not be the same as in Southern States or in Africa, but it is still my definitions for something that's older than any formed church. That's our root to the dirt and gravel, ashes to ashes and all that jazz. We are mortal, we die and we compose and our particles will go on to new life forms, and we never die, but we also never born again as we are now. This, to me, is the the way. Zen-ish inner peace I can return to whenever I feel like it. And I have no need to convert everyone on the planet to it, for I don't even have a clear name for it. It's just something between boddhism and voodoo. Everyone needs to find their own religion, their own peace within themselves before they have to die, and that's one of the few things that matter.

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