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Cut To Fit - Babylon Burnt

I'm just listening to our latest record Babylon Burns, which will be out through Scrotum Jus Records later this spring. I think. A friend of mine told me that this record is a bit too much everywhere, not settling down to actually be something. This made me think, to really open my ears and to listen to the record. It seems somewhat controversial to me, in many ways.

First of all, one of the hardest things regarding self-made music over all is to separate yourself from the songs. To me, this is merely impossible. I've been there when we have first played these songs, I've written the lyrics, I've arranged them, some million times, some just found their place on the first try. I've heard these riffs and all the little stuff that's in these songs, I know them inside out. So I can not relate to someone, who does not. We thought that finally the overall picture is clear and it has a certain order it follows, but I think you need to focus too much to get there. I know that most of the records are either instant hits, or then you just let them gather all the dust they possibly can in some forgotten corner of your apartment. We tend to think we give music a chance, but usually we don't.

One thing that explains some of the stuff on this record is definately last summer, our trip to Europe, hanging with The Arson Project guys and see them play, becouse they we're so FUCKING AWESOME. All four shows I saw, they blew most of the bands I've ever seen away. So, more or less, that was what we wanted to do too, so it guided us like some hidden hand. The complexity, or diversity, however you like your cake, is there becouse these songs have three different guys writing them, suggesting we do this and try that or change that riff to this. In my opinion they are quite simple, and our methods of making music are mostly jamming, or then someone (usually Vili) has some killer riffs and we just start blasting until it makes sense.

I think Babylon Burns is still a good piece of music, but it's still more fixing the aim and finding the targets instead of straight shooting. Usually after we accomplish something, we raise our arms up and laugh "allright, this was our best shot, it's only downfall after this!" But this time we feel like we can do better. Maybe it's due to the fact, that this was our first recording without Miro, Vili playing the drums, and we're still learning to play with our current line-up. It's good, but it's not good enough. Maybe the sound, with all the respect for Konsta who mixed this one for us, is too good for the songs. It's so good, it takes all the focus. I've noticed that crappier the sound, you usually unconsciously strive towards something to hold on. You listen to it the first time, trying to find something, and it leaves a stain. Then you play it again and again, and the stains start to form certain images. I think this sound crushes, although there was a minor fuck up on the pressing that got the volume turned down a bit, but I'm trying to fix this on the Scrotum Jus version.

Now that I listen to this, I can't help feeling a bit proud, but if I try to think this through a mindset of a first time lstener, you need to give it time. When you get all the riffs and little shit we've done, it will work. Maybe we should take recording way more seriously than we do, becouse for us they are only some evidence of the new songs to play on shows. To make sure that if we forget them, they are there and we can always return to them, if we feel like it. That's the main reason we record so fast, to make sure we won't forget, and to get the songs of our chest.

Onwards, to the next great battles. Check some songs out here:


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