tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Confusion, Screens, Lies, News, Commercial.

Confusion. Without a doubt the most efficient of all the many weapons of bureaucracy. Confusion is the sum of complicated paper war, needless bullshit and meaningless promises. Despite the fact I've fought many wars with this state along the way, they always come up with new tricks and explain to me that the system was renewed just couple of weeks ago and we are sorry for possible delays and problems.. Yeah, same old story every fucking time you stop by at their office. It does not really matter what office it is. Unemployment office, KELA, social welfare, they all are here to fuck you up when you are at your low point. And they are here to confuse you with endless forms and polite smiles. When things go wrong, you CAN complain, but you do not want to, becouse it's really no use. The system has been made to reject the complaints by making such possibility non-existent, so complicated and hard that you do not want to do it. And every time you won't, they win.

Confusion is something we are forced to go through on a daily basis, We are pummeled with commercials, news and celebrities and their latest "achievements". Our brains are not ready to filter all this shit. Usually they mix up and blend together, and we associate things, news and products with our emotions. Advertisers love this. They bind every product to our emotions, YOU WOULDN'T KILL A PUPPY, WOULD YOU!? BUY THIS FUCKING JACKET, IT'S the only jacket NOT MADE OUT OF PUPPIES!" Even news are now commercials, they are "reading experiencies" instead of information.

Some moron predicted an "utopia" of technology, where we won't even notice the difference between news and commercials, becouse everything is social media and we are networked and our news, being already quite onesided and narrow, but still, NEWS, become just BULLSHIT. I want to read news. I want to skip commercials. I want information. I want FREEDOM. I want independence. I want people to think for themselves, free their minds from all this ridicolous crap. I threw out my television about a year ago, and my happiness has improved, I enjoy life way more than I used to. If I want to watch something, there's always internet, but the main thing is, that only I choose what my brains get. I don't need to channel through MTV's and other brainwashing shit to get a document. I can watch whatever I want, and leave everything else out. This is freedom. This is filtering. This is Sparta.

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