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About the fear of Immigrants, fear of difference and other cultures. Cut To Fit blog 21st of March, 2010

I am just stunned by the turn in our public discussion about the immigrant question. A year ago every one seemed to understand, that there is a small minority of neo-nazi idiots spreading their own propaganda bullshit against diverse cultural life, but lately it has been mostly other way around. The discussion has been utterly racist and prejudiced, and most of the people have no fucking idea of what they're talking about, becouse everything they know, is just someone elses words coming out of their own fucking mouths. It is clear for me to see, that there have been a lot of drinking lately, and there has been one neo nazi guy who's been passionate about his cause and all the other has been just amazed that somebody still has passion like that. So, they have for once paid attention, and had several lectures (one-sided and naive, I guess) about how cultural globalisation is the biggest threat to our society and finnish culture. It has spread like wild fire.

Lately I've been amazed about how finnsih youth have used their own brain. The Swineflu raised questions here, and surprising amount of people said NO to lies and bullshitting and understood that with a healthy person, it is just a bit angrier flu, and there's a 98% of chance to survive the disease. Becouse of that I was even more disappointed when I realized that now these clever young people think that immigrants are a threat to us. It is important to understand that most of these people are refugees. WHich means they just want to get out of their country, to somewhere they don't need to wake up 4 am to gunshots and bombs. They have no choice but to leave, or else they die. This is the difference between the refugees and neo-nazi people: Refugees have seen the war, neo-nazi people just brass about how ready they would be to die for their country. Truth about todays wars is, they are not national, they are corporate and global. Todays wars are devastating. They claim a whole fucking lot of civil victims. I can't say I have an ivory tower, where I'd know how war must be like, but I've talked to people who have been in wars. Without exceptions, the people who have been in wars would never want it even for their worst enemies.

Although I am against all neo-nazi activity, and think their views are outdated and naive, I respect their freedom to have their speech. I am not screaming "shut up!" every time they open their mouth, I want to listen what they have to say, and I want to ask questions. Their biggest worry, at least for now, seems to be that we pay their upkeep completely, and pay less for finnish citizen, who are hanging on the safe net. Well, let's face the fact, that our government is not the most clever one on this planet. It is not the worst, but it's no where near top ten. In my opinion there should be a system, which could recognize the immigrants needs. If someone is moving in to be a nuisance, those people should be put in a trial period of some sort, and if there's problems, they'd be resent to where they came from. If someone is moving in for his work, or to work, he does not need excessive amounts of money, he's trying to find a job. The basic social welfare is enough. If it is for me, so it is for someone who has not million bands eating the incoming green. If someone has a traumatic past, or comes in as a refugee, they usually have some special needs for therapy or some help on blending in. That should be a no-brainer. It is up to us how willing are we ready to help these people, for they come from a place where they have faced persecution or abuse, so of course they are on their toes. How would you feel, if someone, probably a person of a different skin colour, would slaughter your family, and then you get away and think it's over and end up in a place crowded with different people. The point is, in their case, you'd be shitting your pants, so show some respect and act your fucking age.

Some reading this may think I keep myself a better person than rest of the majority inhabiting this country. No, I don't. I think I'm different, becouse I've never felt the sense of belonging during these nearly 21 years I've been walking this earth. This country is like a suicidal, self-destructive kid with addictions and problems, and I just don't get the whole "THERE'S NO FUN UNLESS YOU'RE DRUNK AND WATHCING ICE HOCKEY!" attitude. That's why I've always felt myself like an outcast, isolated in my own apartment, with only few friends, who truly understand what I'm all about. Still, I'm able to bury all this for a night and have fun. I get a long with all sorts of people. I find people interesting, becouse there so much of them, and still they are all different. It's amazing. And if someone is scared of difference, and wants to keep all aliens out, they'll soon end up like me: lonely and scared. We have several examples from the history of mankind. Does Japan ring a bell? Once so closed and isolated, proud of what they had, and then suddenly it realized how they were left behind by the rest of the world, and it caused them a complex they're still suffering from. One example from our current world is North-Korea.

The greatest reason of getting left behind is that there is no natural interaction. We can learn from other people and cultures, but if we close our borders and become this nationalist neo-nazi dream, we get left behind, and then we are easier target for invasion than ever before. Think about this, if the only way to comprehend things is through war and violence. We can keep our own culture, which is fine in all it's nature-loving, tree-hugging myths and cold and hard-working mentality, and still make room for another cultures to bloom alongside ours. It's not really that hard, and one day you may notice something you like and go "wow, that's cool, can I borrow it?" and create something truly original all by yourself. It has happened in music a million times, and no neo-nazi punk is willing to admit just how big influence the black slave blues has had to their rock-oriented three-chord self-expression.

I'm not telling you to agree with me, I'm telling you not to take anyones opinions as some heavenly truth, becouse were all just people, and their brains are no better than yours. Just stop, and think for yourself. It's easy, if the liqour has not already washed away all the fine knowledge and capacity to learn and invent new things you once had there. I hope that it is clear to you, that I'm not playing this music for free booze or partying. I think we have a message, and I'm not saying were "politically aware". I hate the whole term. If band has a message, or opinions about life in common, it is instantly a political band. No, we are not. I don't want to take part in any politics, I want to see this whole fucking shithole burn, and I want no part of this society you have made. You can keep it, and if you wouldn't take quite a great deal from my monthly salary, I wouldn't use your services. I use them as little as possible anyway. And here, to conclude this...thing, here's some shit I wrote earlier today. Might be on the next Cut To Fit record, or might not.

"You crown yourself with words you don't understand
Claim you're not racist but that's not quite where you stand

Fear is the way
Fear is the weapon
Fear is the key
Fear is the path

Where did you think they would go
When the bomb started to fall?
Your ignorance only exceeded
By your complete lack of common sense

You think you're aware and you think you are clever
But even a monkey would know this all better."

Jere K.

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