keskiviikko 23. helmikuuta 2011

Obscene Extreme

Here's this little video made by Curby and his friends. It consists of our Obscene Extreme show, three songs included. These songs are Deathcore Sucks, Children Of The Cold War and Hiljaisuus, which are all songs we are quite leaving behind, for we have already released two recordings since Hiljaisuus, these just were more familiar to Vili, who was just learning to play drums. The guy had actually been a drummer for THREE FUCKING WEEKS during this. Quite a leap considering where we are now, half a year later. Notice, that time is 11.30, so the crowd is having serious hangover, suffering from dehydration and our noise. Maybe someday we get a better slot and you get to see us, grinding our asses to bruises.

This brings back so many memories, sleeping in the car, getting fed up with Latvia, burning my both arms ( I still look like fucking strawberry-chocolate-vanilla ice cream!), Having great time in Poland, seeing Victims, Misery Index and fucking D.R.I play while it was just pouring water from the sky! It was so fucking great! If you can help us arrange next summers European tour, know any people or club owners, please contact us at

maanantai 21. helmikuuta 2011

Texas, Guns, Keep Your Finger Off The Safety Pin

So Texas will probably allow University students bring guns to schools. Controversial indeed, for looking from my safe haven it seems to be just gun nuts making stupid decisions to ensure that school massacres will not diminish or decrease in bodycounts. Problem with this is that no one can truly say if it's a good decision or not. Only time will tell, and saddly enough, time in this case means bodies. Dead individuals who we're permitted to carry guns in public. Of course the best option in general would be the complete absence of guns, but I know it is not possible. Weapon/military/war industry is what United States of America is pretty much built on, and it will not just go away, becouse if someone has no guns, the other's do.

We have seen here in Finland, in our school massacre tradegies, that people without guns in such situations are nothing more than victims. Killer can move from class room to another, in search for harmless people that are unable to protect themselves for dozens of minutes, without any interruptions, becouse the first other guns to join the party come with the riot police. So he is in power, which pretty often is "the thing" in such activity. The weak taking over and turning the tables, the silent kids shooting their oppressors. The revenge of the underdog. I believe this is somewhat the state of mind they set themselves in. They find some justification for their action, they are not without consciousness. They make themselves believe they are doing a favor for mankind, or getting their peace of mind before they end their own life.

But are guns in schools really the solution? I believe not. The officials believe that everyone's capable of putting the attacker down if they have a gun with them. In Texas they probably are, I certainly don't underestimate the educational system a southern family can provide for their growing children. They can probably shoot guns before they can read or even talk. But being able to carry a gun, and pointing it towards another human being with an intention of killing him/her is a different thing. It is completely up to individual. We are all built with different set of wheels. And when you hear that there's a killer on the loose, killing your friends, but you don't know who he/she is, you panic. And when you panic, your whole body works in completely different way. And how do you know who of all the gunmen in your school is the real shooter? They can as well be the one who just shot the attacker, if you shoot him by accident, what then? I don't deny that this possibility can still prevent dozens of people from getting brutally slaughtered. But for so few pros there's too many cons.

This will without a doubt increase the level of paranoia in schools, and I think it's just the last thing we need in this world. More paranoid people to keep an eye on everyone else. We'd need to build trust instead of fear. Of course people in fear are easier to control, but if everyone has a gun, everyone become a possible threat. You are being given the tools, the fence is practically being torn down and stamped to the ground. One exaggerated misconception and wrong choice of words can turn anyone to a killer. In addition the panicing people will probably miss their attacker, and ricochet bullets can turn whole school to a saloon of a old spaghetti-western with everyone just blindfiring at something they thought just threatened their life. Eventually the whole school will be a tensed environment, with everyone at gunpoint, which will disturb the very thing people go to schools in the first place: education.

I know Texas is famous of it's moronic gunlaws anyway, and I don't claim to have any expertise or insight on anything, but I spent my youth around guns, and they neither traumatized me nor made me feel comfortable. They certainly did not build my sense of safety in the house. I think people should just really think is that what we need to prevent school massacres from happening and kids from getting their brains blown out. This will just end up with the guns being used in other minor conflicts, and killers having to come up with more innovative ways to kill more people faster. And I think it's a wrong road to take if we even want to consider what every Miss-insert-a-state-or-country-or-province seems to strive for:"WORLD PEACE."

perjantai 18. helmikuuta 2011

Cut To Fit - Babylon Burnt

I'm just listening to our latest record Babylon Burns, which will be out through Scrotum Jus Records later this spring. I think. A friend of mine told me that this record is a bit too much everywhere, not settling down to actually be something. This made me think, to really open my ears and to listen to the record. It seems somewhat controversial to me, in many ways.

First of all, one of the hardest things regarding self-made music over all is to separate yourself from the songs. To me, this is merely impossible. I've been there when we have first played these songs, I've written the lyrics, I've arranged them, some million times, some just found their place on the first try. I've heard these riffs and all the little stuff that's in these songs, I know them inside out. So I can not relate to someone, who does not. We thought that finally the overall picture is clear and it has a certain order it follows, but I think you need to focus too much to get there. I know that most of the records are either instant hits, or then you just let them gather all the dust they possibly can in some forgotten corner of your apartment. We tend to think we give music a chance, but usually we don't.

One thing that explains some of the stuff on this record is definately last summer, our trip to Europe, hanging with The Arson Project guys and see them play, becouse they we're so FUCKING AWESOME. All four shows I saw, they blew most of the bands I've ever seen away. So, more or less, that was what we wanted to do too, so it guided us like some hidden hand. The complexity, or diversity, however you like your cake, is there becouse these songs have three different guys writing them, suggesting we do this and try that or change that riff to this. In my opinion they are quite simple, and our methods of making music are mostly jamming, or then someone (usually Vili) has some killer riffs and we just start blasting until it makes sense.

I think Babylon Burns is still a good piece of music, but it's still more fixing the aim and finding the targets instead of straight shooting. Usually after we accomplish something, we raise our arms up and laugh "allright, this was our best shot, it's only downfall after this!" But this time we feel like we can do better. Maybe it's due to the fact, that this was our first recording without Miro, Vili playing the drums, and we're still learning to play with our current line-up. It's good, but it's not good enough. Maybe the sound, with all the respect for Konsta who mixed this one for us, is too good for the songs. It's so good, it takes all the focus. I've noticed that crappier the sound, you usually unconsciously strive towards something to hold on. You listen to it the first time, trying to find something, and it leaves a stain. Then you play it again and again, and the stains start to form certain images. I think this sound crushes, although there was a minor fuck up on the pressing that got the volume turned down a bit, but I'm trying to fix this on the Scrotum Jus version.

Now that I listen to this, I can't help feeling a bit proud, but if I try to think this through a mindset of a first time lstener, you need to give it time. When you get all the riffs and little shit we've done, it will work. Maybe we should take recording way more seriously than we do, becouse for us they are only some evidence of the new songs to play on shows. To make sure that if we forget them, they are there and we can always return to them, if we feel like it. That's the main reason we record so fast, to make sure we won't forget, and to get the songs of our chest.

Onwards, to the next great battles. Check some songs out here:


keskiviikko 16. helmikuuta 2011

Fundamentalism, religion, science

Fundamentalism has propably caused the majority of mankind's problems throughout our history. It seems that in times like these, when science has taken all the fun out of the myths we have kept as sacred truths, and life seems so damn depressing and pointless, we tend to turn to something new, something we don't know. This happened in ancient Rome, when Konstantinus raised christianity as it's main religion, and accidently kick-started the paranoid middleages. Things got medieval.

Science was replaced with fundamentalist Christian theology, and all philosophy was enslaved to prove biblical points, and defend it against all scienteific agendas, or to connect the vague dots between the two. This set the whole Europe waaaaaaaaaayyyy back from the Roman days, and it's funny how many people find this era so fascinating. Yeah, they had swords, but so had the romans. They lacked all the knowledge the ancient philosophers had given them on a silver plate. Christianity spread throughout Europe, even here in Finland, which was merely a pawn on the board of the western and eastern churches. So when they had killed enough of us, the rest decided it seemed wise to convert to this new religion. Still for a long time we kept our own elder gods of nature, and I believe my grandmother, who recently passed away, still believed in the powers of nature instead of any kind of resurrection. So it is still alive, but dying.

I'm not one of those guys who believe that science has all the answers and we should blindly take everything scientists hand us. Fuck no, science is a system that fixes itself all the time, and usually this takes hundreds of years, so we can't really claim to know anything. If we have learned anything, that's exactly what the old greek dudes with funny hair told us centuries ago: WE DON'T KNOW JACK SHIT! Science, today, is also a system funded by multinational corporations, and they decide exactly what studies are good, and what need to be "done again, becouse your laboratory is not professional enough" as was told to one antioxidant researcher who was repressed when he came up with the study that proved that antioxidants, although being good for you, won't stop your skin from aging. The business runs too much of our lives. Money has creeped into science, music, movies, politics, practically in every areas it should not fucking be! These important things, and decisions concerning the future of all this stuff, should be made by passion and with heart. Now they are decided by maximum profit and cold cash.

Fundamentalism takes fun out of mental ism's. Muslims are being labeled by the small group of extremeists, just like all christians are labeled by american hypocrite presidents, who in the name of god go to another country to fuck things up. They maybe did not realize, that their god is the same god, as is the jew god (which seems to be hard to understand to some of the religion-orientated neo-nazis I have seen) These three religions are practically the same, and I believe that Christianity over all got started by stupid people, who missed the point of Jesus, and should not exist in the first place. Sounds harsh? I explain why.

Jesus told his followers to spread the word of GOD, which in his opinion was love and mutual understanding, not to kill half of Europe to convert everyone to follow HIM. If he really would be "up there" (theres controversy in that too, but that's another story) looking at us, these last 2000 years would have been just endless facepalm for him. "DID YOU LISTEN TO A SINGLE FUCKING WORD I SAID!?" I don't even believe he said he was Messiah a single time in his life, couse I have a certain picture of him on my mind. He was propably all the good they say he was, but people fucked him up. They spread stories about a perfect human-being, some sort of super human that could do no wrong, and when this image got stronger, people started a cult to worship him. Eventually all this got a "bit" out of hand. Jews just did not want to admit that Jesus was the Messiah, which to me is all the fucking same, if there's a good person who willingly sacrifices himself for others and helps people you could listen to him, son of God or not.

I do not believe in anything, I think religions degrade people, but if somebody does, everyone should respect that. I have no problem with religious people, if they have no problem with me. Me not being religious does not mean I am not somewhat spiritual person. I have always felt connected with nature, it was my escape from situations that seemed hard to handle, or too terrible to face. I went out to the forest and just sat there for hours, maybe listening to some music, or just listening to the wind in the trees. That's what I call Voodoo, may not be the same as in Southern States or in Africa, but it is still my definitions for something that's older than any formed church. That's our root to the dirt and gravel, ashes to ashes and all that jazz. We are mortal, we die and we compose and our particles will go on to new life forms, and we never die, but we also never born again as we are now. This, to me, is the the way. Zen-ish inner peace I can return to whenever I feel like it. And I have no need to convert everyone on the planet to it, for I don't even have a clear name for it. It's just something between boddhism and voodoo. Everyone needs to find their own religion, their own peace within themselves before they have to die, and that's one of the few things that matter.

tiistai 15. helmikuuta 2011

Confusion, Screens, Lies, News, Commercial.

Confusion. Without a doubt the most efficient of all the many weapons of bureaucracy. Confusion is the sum of complicated paper war, needless bullshit and meaningless promises. Despite the fact I've fought many wars with this state along the way, they always come up with new tricks and explain to me that the system was renewed just couple of weeks ago and we are sorry for possible delays and problems.. Yeah, same old story every fucking time you stop by at their office. It does not really matter what office it is. Unemployment office, KELA, social welfare, they all are here to fuck you up when you are at your low point. And they are here to confuse you with endless forms and polite smiles. When things go wrong, you CAN complain, but you do not want to, becouse it's really no use. The system has been made to reject the complaints by making such possibility non-existent, so complicated and hard that you do not want to do it. And every time you won't, they win.

Confusion is something we are forced to go through on a daily basis, We are pummeled with commercials, news and celebrities and their latest "achievements". Our brains are not ready to filter all this shit. Usually they mix up and blend together, and we associate things, news and products with our emotions. Advertisers love this. They bind every product to our emotions, YOU WOULDN'T KILL A PUPPY, WOULD YOU!? BUY THIS FUCKING JACKET, IT'S the only jacket NOT MADE OUT OF PUPPIES!" Even news are now commercials, they are "reading experiencies" instead of information.

Some moron predicted an "utopia" of technology, where we won't even notice the difference between news and commercials, becouse everything is social media and we are networked and our news, being already quite onesided and narrow, but still, NEWS, become just BULLSHIT. I want to read news. I want to skip commercials. I want information. I want FREEDOM. I want independence. I want people to think for themselves, free their minds from all this ridicolous crap. I threw out my television about a year ago, and my happiness has improved, I enjoy life way more than I used to. If I want to watch something, there's always internet, but the main thing is, that only I choose what my brains get. I don't need to channel through MTV's and other brainwashing shit to get a document. I can watch whatever I want, and leave everything else out. This is freedom. This is filtering. This is Sparta.

God's Away On Business...

So here's the thing with god and the devil... they don't really communicate, they don't interact with each other. And yes, there was a woman involved, Eve, the first of all the snakehandlers, who wasn't too good in her job, one might say. Well God was very fond of Eve, and the devil kinda distracted his favorite kid, so the god got quite mad and threw him down the stairs aaaall the way to hell. Since that, they have not spoken a single word, and this would have been Ok for the devil, you know, for he is kinda forgivin' fella, but God was unsatisfied with how calmly the devil accepted his situation, and wrote a book to mock him. And when someone just writes a book about his former friend, he usually ends up having an enemy.
Well, Eve got old and died, but she told her kids that God had just gone to buy some cigarettes and would be back any day now. So the kids waited. And they got old and they died. And so on, and so on. Once the devil tried to climb up and ask for understanding and caring, but god's children crusified and buried him.
Since that they have written their own parts to God's Big Black Book of Mockery and Guilt, which became popular all around the world, and kinda showed the devil in a bad light. And the kids are still waiting for their dad to run from that door with a new pack of cigarettes and embrace 'em and hold 'em in his arms.
But the God's away on business, the devil is bored and we are still looking at the door, although there has been no foot steps to be heard for over two thousand years. And we blame devil for that. We blame devil for everything, because in the Big Black Book of Mockery and Guilt taught us that he is the devil, evil with D in front of him. He truly keeps God chained in his basement and wants his kids to starve to death, for he is the king of all the snakes, and the ungod of suffering. And this devil is the reason to all our diseases and suffering. This is the story we keep repeating, but did anyone, except for the Big Black Book of Mockery and Guilt really tell us to suffer?

maanantai 14. helmikuuta 2011

About...Something.. about... music. I think

(There was a link, but it's not active anymore, and this is almost a year old post anyway..)

So, practically go to the link, if you have a facebook profile (which I personally resent from the bottom of my tiny, pitch-black heart) go and vote for us.

NOW, partly because of this, and partly because I'm bored, I want to write a couple of words about this kind of competitions, and the upcoming trend of letting the audience choose the winner. So if you have not liked my preaching-mode this far, shut your eyes and press your way to the previous page.

It seems to be a new, cool way to solve every problem, and choose the winner of every competition out there by letting people vote for their favorite, instead of letting a small group of judges decide. Although this is much more democratic in a way, it is not necessarily only a good thing. I explain later why.

By my experience, the three band competitions I have participated (only because they are good opportunities to play a gig for a starting band) have been judged by a small group of judges. Usually just three or four guys, instead of letting the fans shout for the winner act. The benefits of this type of decision making is that the judges usually are there for a reason. They are people who understand something about music, and they make notes and give you some feedback, which at least for me has been crucial. They usually have had some critique to give and those small golden pieces of advice, for they have worked with music for a much longer time, and have a huge amount of useful know-how the know-it-all sixteen-year-olds kinda lack. So having a small specialized group of judges is efficient and useful for the bands too.

Now, mainly because of the popularity of Idols and such, I've seen thousands of interactive competitions rise in a short period of time. Yes, it is pretty cool to let the audience decide what they want to see and hear, this is a huge benefit, if the audience consists of really big amount of people. But here in Finland it tends to be the other way. The circles here are small, and practically the winning band will be the one with most friends. It will usually be from Helsinki, or at least near, who wins the competition. They have a thousand friends on myspace and they are extrovert and a bit cocky, they promote their bands everywhere in the internet and have a completely different attitude than for example we do.

This is the second competition we've put our names on, and it wouldn't be if it would not have a gig to offer. You see, we happen to like gigs. We want to crush our bones and be on a wheelchair well before our thirties. We, or at least I, and I think I speak for the rest of the band, don't give a motherfucking-dick-ass-pussy-face-shit about record deals or such, they are all the fucking same, and completely meaningless. Our aim is to play gigs and make music worth four-and-a-half-stars, enjoy the ride and play some punk for the people who (like it or not) are unlucky enough to be around us.

All of this may sound like an envious, bitter little man talking, but it isn't. Believe it or not, I don't give a crap about this competition, we just take every chance for a gig we get, and this happens to be one. This system just made me think, and I happen to like thinking. Now I just happened to pour the shit on your face.

Peace out

Jere K/Cut To Fit

About the fear of Immigrants, fear of difference and other cultures. Cut To Fit blog 21st of March, 2010

I am just stunned by the turn in our public discussion about the immigrant question. A year ago every one seemed to understand, that there is a small minority of neo-nazi idiots spreading their own propaganda bullshit against diverse cultural life, but lately it has been mostly other way around. The discussion has been utterly racist and prejudiced, and most of the people have no fucking idea of what they're talking about, becouse everything they know, is just someone elses words coming out of their own fucking mouths. It is clear for me to see, that there have been a lot of drinking lately, and there has been one neo nazi guy who's been passionate about his cause and all the other has been just amazed that somebody still has passion like that. So, they have for once paid attention, and had several lectures (one-sided and naive, I guess) about how cultural globalisation is the biggest threat to our society and finnish culture. It has spread like wild fire.

Lately I've been amazed about how finnsih youth have used their own brain. The Swineflu raised questions here, and surprising amount of people said NO to lies and bullshitting and understood that with a healthy person, it is just a bit angrier flu, and there's a 98% of chance to survive the disease. Becouse of that I was even more disappointed when I realized that now these clever young people think that immigrants are a threat to us. It is important to understand that most of these people are refugees. WHich means they just want to get out of their country, to somewhere they don't need to wake up 4 am to gunshots and bombs. They have no choice but to leave, or else they die. This is the difference between the refugees and neo-nazi people: Refugees have seen the war, neo-nazi people just brass about how ready they would be to die for their country. Truth about todays wars is, they are not national, they are corporate and global. Todays wars are devastating. They claim a whole fucking lot of civil victims. I can't say I have an ivory tower, where I'd know how war must be like, but I've talked to people who have been in wars. Without exceptions, the people who have been in wars would never want it even for their worst enemies.

Although I am against all neo-nazi activity, and think their views are outdated and naive, I respect their freedom to have their speech. I am not screaming "shut up!" every time they open their mouth, I want to listen what they have to say, and I want to ask questions. Their biggest worry, at least for now, seems to be that we pay their upkeep completely, and pay less for finnish citizen, who are hanging on the safe net. Well, let's face the fact, that our government is not the most clever one on this planet. It is not the worst, but it's no where near top ten. In my opinion there should be a system, which could recognize the immigrants needs. If someone is moving in to be a nuisance, those people should be put in a trial period of some sort, and if there's problems, they'd be resent to where they came from. If someone is moving in for his work, or to work, he does not need excessive amounts of money, he's trying to find a job. The basic social welfare is enough. If it is for me, so it is for someone who has not million bands eating the incoming green. If someone has a traumatic past, or comes in as a refugee, they usually have some special needs for therapy or some help on blending in. That should be a no-brainer. It is up to us how willing are we ready to help these people, for they come from a place where they have faced persecution or abuse, so of course they are on their toes. How would you feel, if someone, probably a person of a different skin colour, would slaughter your family, and then you get away and think it's over and end up in a place crowded with different people. The point is, in their case, you'd be shitting your pants, so show some respect and act your fucking age.

Some reading this may think I keep myself a better person than rest of the majority inhabiting this country. No, I don't. I think I'm different, becouse I've never felt the sense of belonging during these nearly 21 years I've been walking this earth. This country is like a suicidal, self-destructive kid with addictions and problems, and I just don't get the whole "THERE'S NO FUN UNLESS YOU'RE DRUNK AND WATHCING ICE HOCKEY!" attitude. That's why I've always felt myself like an outcast, isolated in my own apartment, with only few friends, who truly understand what I'm all about. Still, I'm able to bury all this for a night and have fun. I get a long with all sorts of people. I find people interesting, becouse there so much of them, and still they are all different. It's amazing. And if someone is scared of difference, and wants to keep all aliens out, they'll soon end up like me: lonely and scared. We have several examples from the history of mankind. Does Japan ring a bell? Once so closed and isolated, proud of what they had, and then suddenly it realized how they were left behind by the rest of the world, and it caused them a complex they're still suffering from. One example from our current world is North-Korea.

The greatest reason of getting left behind is that there is no natural interaction. We can learn from other people and cultures, but if we close our borders and become this nationalist neo-nazi dream, we get left behind, and then we are easier target for invasion than ever before. Think about this, if the only way to comprehend things is through war and violence. We can keep our own culture, which is fine in all it's nature-loving, tree-hugging myths and cold and hard-working mentality, and still make room for another cultures to bloom alongside ours. It's not really that hard, and one day you may notice something you like and go "wow, that's cool, can I borrow it?" and create something truly original all by yourself. It has happened in music a million times, and no neo-nazi punk is willing to admit just how big influence the black slave blues has had to their rock-oriented three-chord self-expression.

I'm not telling you to agree with me, I'm telling you not to take anyones opinions as some heavenly truth, becouse were all just people, and their brains are no better than yours. Just stop, and think for yourself. It's easy, if the liqour has not already washed away all the fine knowledge and capacity to learn and invent new things you once had there. I hope that it is clear to you, that I'm not playing this music for free booze or partying. I think we have a message, and I'm not saying were "politically aware". I hate the whole term. If band has a message, or opinions about life in common, it is instantly a political band. No, we are not. I don't want to take part in any politics, I want to see this whole fucking shithole burn, and I want no part of this society you have made. You can keep it, and if you wouldn't take quite a great deal from my monthly salary, I wouldn't use your services. I use them as little as possible anyway. And here, to conclude this...thing, here's some shit I wrote earlier today. Might be on the next Cut To Fit record, or might not.

"You crown yourself with words you don't understand
Claim you're not racist but that's not quite where you stand

Fear is the way
Fear is the weapon
Fear is the key
Fear is the path

Where did you think they would go
When the bomb started to fall?
Your ignorance only exceeded
By your complete lack of common sense

You think you're aware and you think you are clever
But even a monkey would know this all better."

Jere K.

"Growing up=Giving up?" Cut To Fit blog 7th of August 2010

I was listening to some Peter Dolving Band (song Dirty Words, to be accurate), and it got me thinking. Why am I doing this? Why am I, and so many others throwing all their money and free time on something as indefinete and vague as this entity we call music? And more importantly, why do most give up and drop out? Throughout my short but somewhat eventful life I've seen many of my friends, "enemies" and kids who just didn't matter start a band and do some music, but by now most of them have just given up and started their "life". I think I don't lie if I say that 70 % of these kids have now "grown up", meaning they may have taken some loans and have a job they can settle for. When I think of such life, I can't help feeling resentment. I instantly know that it is something I could never do. I believe the ones who stick with this shit must think alike. Although all the people I've really spoken with do. I know that there's still some, who deep inside think they're going to be famous one day, they'll have a big ass house and nice chicks on their feet, but I think most of the dudes and dudettes playing punk or metal today understand, that it will not happen in this life. I hope they do.

It's bullshit when they say you can not live with this sort of music. It's all about what you are willing to settle for. When I go to the welfare program and tell them I play in two bands, and that goes beyond anything else in my life, first question is always "DO YOU GOT SOME MONEY OUT OF IT!?" I laugh at them and tell that even if they'd pay me some money for the next ten years, they wouldn't even get close to the amount of money it already has taken, so no, I don't make money out of it. It is something I have a pure, relentless drive for. I'd rather do nothing else. I'll be throwing my money and time away for this for life. This is my passion, the only thing I think I do moderate work at, and the only "job" I think I can stand for more than a year. In fact, I don't mind not getting money at all, becouse I am not comfortable around money. I hate the fact that in order to live you need money. You can't squat a house or steal food to live, or you are breaking the law. Just to let you know, if I ever have to go to such measures, I fucking will. But if the state makes living without money "illegal", in my eyes they are bound to keep me alive. I could do without this whole system, but you make it impossible. So be it.

Some drop out. This is still strange to me, becouse it always makes me sad. I've seen many gifted musicians just give up on playing, and start doing something which to me seems to be a waste of such talent. People who actually would have had something to give in form of music. Usually they start drinking a lot. These are the bums at you bus stops telling you stories about how they used to play and do stuff when they were young. And most of you never believe that such beast could have done anything with their life. I believe. And usually I listen to these outcasts. Becouse although I don't drink alcohol, I know that there's a great chance that one day I'll be just like them. Towards these people I have some pity for. They we're fucked. But for those who give up and "move on" with their lives, get a job and family and grow up. Well, some of you just weren't supposed to do this shit anyway, becouse most of you just sucked and the rest of you were just in to get chicks, so fuck you. But those who actually had something to give and still gave up, I just want you to know that at the times I think of you, and feel really bad. And yet happy for myself, for the music has taken me to cool places already, and I hope it will take me around the world at least three times before this globe decides we have tried to rape it long enough, and engulfs us all.


Jere K.

"About myFace, internet and Other Stuff" on Cut To Fit blog 9th of December, 2010

I've been saying this a lot lately, but internet seems to be in the beginning of the state of decline. It has become rotten and corroded web of.. well, mostly commercials. Money creeps in to every fucking page, and every needless flash-based shit advert jumping to my screen just gets my blood pressure soaring, and I think I'm not the only one. Yes, I know there's a simple answer called AdBlock. This is about the common sense, ethics and other bullshit. Internet in my opinion should be a broad road we all could walk and share our thoughts and keep in touch, but becouse we live in the world of capitalism, nothing is free and at least you can't enjoy free internet without assuring that you at least have an intention of buying SOMETHING these jumping flashbangs have to offer.

The other thing that really gets me, is how every website is slowly becoming Facebook. If I'd want to be in Facebook, I'd create an account. For me, and it seems that everyone else too, Myspace was good as it was, simple, light if you want it to be, easy to use. Now it is just a cheap Facebook ripoff, and if all our records wouldn't say "For complete lyrics, go to", I would probably erase this profile. I have a 10Mb broadband connection, and even then the frontpage was too heavy to roll smoothly, and I had to type password three times, cos it always left something out because of Fergie and palls doing absolutely nothing on the screen. This seems as a desperate cry, a reaching hand that tries to grab anything it can to pull itself out of the swamp it is slowly drowning into.

Third thing is how even our education system is more and more web-based, since every school has their own web system. Which is "handy", from the teacher's point of view, becouse now students do all the work themselves. This is called "giving us tools for the real life", but in my opinion educational institutes should be places where you go to learn, not to over load your brain with meaningless information. Of course it is the world we live in, fast paced, information-bombarded heap shit society, where it is our responsibility to filter what is true and what is bullshit, but I think most of for example sixteen-year-olds who start their high school or whatever lack this ability. They are still kids. I know, because I remember myself in that age. I thought I was ready as a person, but now I see the world was so fucking black and white back then. I know this same development will go on (hopefully) as long as I am alive. And that is awesome. Because I want nothing more, than to learn how this world revolves and what really keeps mankind alive this long.

I hope this world realises it can't become much heavier plase, or it will collapse. We need a change. In everything. We need to get rid of these systems we have now, and if we'd get all the poor and unfortunate ones to get up their feet and understand their value, it would take more than nation of millions to hold us back. This world is ours. You are free to do anything you want, in spite of being laughed at or ridiculed, because you want to do something others consider stupid. So fucking what, it's just one and only human life you have. I go get some coffee.

Patience and mutual understanding


"So this is how it begins..."

Today I decided to start writing in English again. It just seemed to be a natural step to take, though before this I used to think that if a man with three readers starts to write in english, the three readers start thinking his ego took over. Then I realized that why the fuck not? I seem to have somewhat message somewhere beneath these endless layers of shit I post, so why not spread it as far and loud as I possibly can? What use it really is to preach to the communion who only agrees, and pretty much know's what you're going to de next. I seemed to be again trapped inside the little box I was trying to escape. I know that box is only in my head, but does it really need to be anywhere else? The box I am referring to, is my inner fear of getting stuck in my ways, repeating myself over and over again, instead of focusing on creating something new. This is something you can witness in everything I happen to do. I do not want to repeat myself, and if I have to, I get bored easily. Things need to have their natural course and evolution. Things need to evolve. This goes with everything from music to writing, to understanding and to such things as riding bike. First you try and learn the basics, and then when you think you are capable of doing it, you take the training wheels off. Then you get bored with cycling and learn to do it without hands. Then you realise that it is still nothing more than cycling, and you have nothing to prove. Then you go back to plain cycling. The circle is complete. ZEN is found. Deathstar's been rebuilt.

I think a short introduction is in place in case you are just drunk on a saturday night and trembled upon some of the roots and threads of this blog. I am basically nobody. I was born in 1989, in a small town called Pertunmaa somewhere in Finland. Quiet countryside, truly the South Park of Finland. Maybe that is the reason I always felt so connected with that series anyway. That, and the fact that I've turned 8 the last 13 years. I find this world as an fascinating place filled with fascinating people. Me ( I scream and share my perception of reality), my brother ( is responsible of our one instrument string-ensemble, taking care of both high & low ends) and our best friend (the bongos) have a grindcore band called Cut To Fit, you can check it out at: . I also do this voodoo/blues/whatevermusic by myself, some songs van be heard at . I also do some cover artwork, gig posters, stickers and all that sort of visual shit, and that can be seen around . I also used to write there, and to get started I'll be adding some of those texts here too. I'll also add the Cut To Fit blogs from myspace, so you get the idea of what I am all about.

I am greatly inspired by music, philosophy, and the universe itself. I see sounds as colors. Since I was a kid, I have always been pretty lonely for I did not, and do not, drink alcohol, do drugs or smoke (I've noticed that smoking has a huge effect on your social abilities, this is one of the few good side of smoking. If you have no friends, start smoking.) so I had to amuse myself in other ways. I banged boards with hammers and broke bottles to make funny sounds. Now I scream and howl to make funny sounds, so nothing has changed.

Despite the fact I don't do drugs or drink, it has never been a problem to me watch others do. I consider myself somewhat clever, I know my brains work. Still I know that I am merely a kid, still learning things as they come. I know I'm naive. I know I don't know jack shit. But I know that I can listen and learn, and I can connect the dots and fill blank papers, I have things to say and I won't let anyone stop me. I will some day figure out how this world really works, and I will tell you all, you can be sure of that. I hate how every state under estimates it's citizens, thinks people are stupid and will follow any rules and orders, swallow every shit they happen to drop to our table. Needless to say I am more than happy to see the recent uprisings around the globe. That is the voice of the people saying what Rage Against The Machine said over a decade ago: "FUCK YOU I WON'T DO WHAT YOU TELL ME!"

I think this world is in a verge of potential change for better, but things need to change. If you let the rich and beautiful decide again, guess what will change? Nothing. N.O.T.H.I.N.G. Majority of the world lives in poverty while the few per cents own everyhting, and make you pay even for paying for the products you just made on the factory. This is something I can't swallow. I've seen people become animals, hanging on to their jobs and sacrificing everything they have, and then getting fired, when they have nothing besides the job they fought for. I'm not a working class hero. I don't have right answers. But I know what are the wrong ones, becouse we're holding them right in front of us. We need to set this set of lies on fire, burn this house down, and rebuild the world in some other way.